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What Makes Revenue Grid Stand Out

  • Makes your CRM data complete automatically
  • Nurturing campaigns that are easy to use
  • Guide teams to where revenue is


  • Forecast with confidence
  • See what makes you sales reps best
  • Unlock the full power of AI
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Effortless auto-capture of every customer interaction

Automatically capture everything you need from Outlook or Gmail to Salesforce. No manual data entering. No switching between workspaces. No duplicates, contact gaps, missing info or conflicting events.

  • Rule-based, bi-directional
  • Calendar sync that actually works
  • 100% customizable email Sidebar
  • Auto creates leads, contacts and other records
33% more data in Salesforce

Revenue Signals: Guiding your team to what matters most

Uncover real connections between your team and the revenue using the award-winning analytics suite. Pull back the curtain on your top performers, see what they do differently, and replicate the winning formula using Guided Selling.

  • Automatically guide sellers to close more
  • Analyze team and individual performance to build the right tactic
  • See the full picture of any deal and its dynamics
  • Get alerts on opportunities at risk
21% faster revenue

A new engagement suite for new outreach challenges

Raise your win ratio with a suite that simplifies reaching out and nurchuring at scale. Send automatic multichannel sequences from one place, get real-time notifications on customer engagements, replicate the winning sequences across the team, and more.

  • Automatic nurturing
  • Complete and real-time Salesforce integration
  • Engagement analytics and notifications
  • Next level personalization
24% higher reply rate
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