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with Follow-up Email Software

Hand over the hard work of email engagement to automated sequences

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Benefits of Revenue Engage

  • Reply detection
  • Engagement notifications
  • 1-to-1 personalization
  • Full Salesforce integration
  • No manual effort
  • Engagement analytics

43% of deals are lost because of poor follow-ups

How Revenue Engage email sequences work

  • Create a Salesforce View
  • Pick templates, number of touches, schedules, intervals
  • Start automatic nurturing
  • Analyze opens, clicks, unsubs
  • Improve, scale, and repeat

Sequences that
guide you to closing more deals

Follow-up effortlessly, reach out at the right time, see engagement
insights and team analytics
  • Set up long sequences in a few clicks
  • Send emails from your personal inbox
  • Add clients to sequences from email Sidebar
  • Notifications on opens and clicks
  • Personalize templates
  • See analytics on engagement

Smart reply detection

Detect replies immediately with Revenue Engage and
stop your sequences accordingly
  • Detection of replies from a single, or one of multiple recepients
  • Detection of out-of-office notifications
  • Handling of opt-outs and bounces

Deeper personalization

Make every email you send sound and feel like a personal message
  • Insert attachments and in-line images into emails
  • Change variables in the templates or create and share your own templates
  • Insert any Salesforce field into emails: company name, project name, and more

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See where you’re standing on all your engagements

Get a bird’s-eye view on your progress with detailed analytics. Track all interactions per prospect, view
performance KPIs per sequence, and turn leads into life-long customers

  • 46%

    higher open rate

  • 27%

    higher reply rate

  • 15%

    more meetings

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