Salesforce Email Marketing Integration —
Successful Email Campaigns with Revenue Grid

Multiply your engagement capacity with the best Salesforce
integration, Outlook and mobile support

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Embedded into Salesforce

Execute your sequences right from Salesforce without switching
between applications
  • Start, stop and manage your sequences directly from Salesforce
  • Save all emails, replies, calls to Salesforce automatically
  • Change prospect status in Salesforce automatically



Fully connected to Outlook and Gmail

Connect Outlook and Gmail to have complete flexibility in the way you work and engage with prospects
  • Track engagement directly in Outlook and Gmail
  • Add new leads to a sequence right from your Inbox
  • Start follow-up sequences for your email threads

Sidebar with Salesforce data

Bring your complete Salesforce data into Revenue Engage
and access it easily in the sidebar
  • Access and manage full Salesforce data in Revenue Engage sidebar
  • Add new leads to sequences from Saleforce views and reports
  • Source campaigns from Salesforce



Native mobile support

Access and work with sequences directly from your
native Salesforce mobile app
  • Access sequences on your native Salesforce mobile app
  • View engagement and replies directly on your phone
  • Have complete engagement capacity in your mobile phone
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