Reliable email automation
to outreach, engage and convert your
prospects better

Email Automation

Automate email workflows to
engage customers at scale

Nurture and prospect at scale with automatic email drip campaigns. With easy setup, select the timing, number and order of touches. Use templates and set smart rules and custom schedules to trigger emails. Get things done swiftly, precisely and automatically.

  • Rule-based workflows
  • Easy setup
  • Custom schedules
  • Dynamic variables for personalization
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Campaign Analytics

Dissect each campaign with
real-time analytics

Know exactly what engages your prospects best. Get the inside scoop on each campaign and email; view analytics by people engaged and cross-reference the numbers by the step in the campaign. Troubleshoot, make changes, perfect.

  • Prospect analytics
  • Engagement insights
  • Deliveries, opens, replies, etc

Engagement and Email Tracking

Access full recap of engagement
history for every lead

Examine every lead’s involvement with your drip campaign. With email opens tracking and real-time notifications on any change in engagement, know exactly where every prospect is at.

  • Track email deliveries, opens, and forwards
  • Track what links were clicked
  • Real-time notifications on all engagements
  • Full activity timeline for every lead in your pipeline
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Data Capture

Get all engagement data in your
CRM automatically

Focus on generating more responses from your drip campaigns while RevenueGrid automatically captures all engagement data and saves it to the proper record in your CRM. Have more data, more time, more pipeline.

  • Natively supports Outlook, Exchange, Gmail
  • Full calendar support
  • Full-auto, rule-based and customizable
  • Can multi-match your data and auto-create records
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