Smart Data Auto-Capture

Auto-capture all Sales activities and data between Outlook/Gmail and Salesforce.
No manual input. No wasted time. No effort.

  • Full-auto or rule-based
  • Cloud or on-prem
  • 1-way or 2-way
  • +10 hours of free time per week
  • 34% more CRM data
  • 32% better forecasting

Data Auto-Capture that
fully adapts to the way you work

  • Standard object auto-creation

    Auto-create new objects like Leads, Accounts, Opportunities that previously weren’t in Salesforce, and immediately auto-save data to them.

  • Multi-matching

    Auto-save any activity like emails, meetings or tasks to more than one Salesforce record at the same time.

  • Custom object auto-creation

    Auto-create new Salesforce custom objects, and automatically capture and save data to them.

  • Historical sync

    Auto-save all your past emails, calendar items, contacts, etc. in a bulk.

  • Adaptive Configuration

    Configure to match any workflow; work with any custom object or field; use Salesforce views and APEX rules.

  • Workflow triggers

    Set up activity auto-log rules, triggering your unique Salesforce processes.

What data gets captured and how it works

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Auto-save incoming and sent emails, emails sent from Salesforce, forwarded emails, replies, and threads.
Blacklist email addresses, domains, and internal emails to keep unnecessary data out of Salesforce.

Recipients’ names and addresses, subject lines, attachments, and more is recognized, captured and auto-saved to proper records, so you don’t have to parse it all yourself and input it manually. Neat and smart.

Calendar items

Calendar items are automatically saved to proper Salesforce records, saving you time and trouble. Any business-related event in your Outlook, Gmail or Salesforce Calendar gets mirrored in the rest. Change event in one Calendar, and it will change everywhere. No private events get into Salesforce.


Get your Salesforce contacts auto-created in a dedicated folder/category in Outlook or Gmail. You may also selectively synchronize your Outlook/Gmail contacts with Salesforce by moving them to the dedicated folder/category. No contacts get lost, all records stay updated.


Revenue Grid recognizes attachments in your Inbox and
saves them to appropriate Salesforce records.


You can save new tasks to Salesforce or share existing tasks between Salesforce and Outlook or Gmail.

Task reminders are shared too so that you do not forget anything important as you are walking out the door.

Salesforce views support

Use Salesforce views to ensure that only necessary data is auto-captured and saved to Salesforce.
You can configure it to handle any custom object or field you use in your workflow.

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