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Activity Capture Engine

  • Email and Email threads auto-capture
  • Contacts synchronization and capture
  • Auto-creation of missing leads, contacts and accounts
  • Synchronization configuration rules
  • Attachments capture*
  • Calendar auto-capture
  • Historical synchronization
  • Tasks synchronization
  • Custom objects multi-linking of activities
  • Salesforce activity reports

Productivity package

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Included Activity Capture Engine
  • Inbox and Calendar Salesforce Sidebar
  • Online scheduling
  • Stale thread reminder
  • Email and clicks tracking with instant notifications
  • Email templates
  • Revenue Signals management*
  • Manual activity capture
  • Full custom object support
  • Create and update any Salesforce objects
  • CRM search
  • Sales Sequences management*
  • In-mail scheduling time slots

Engagement package

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Included Activity Capture Engine
  • Sales Sequences
  • Dialer/telephony* and SMS*
  • Engagement Center and Signals
  • Sequence A/B testing
  • Smart reply detection
  • Native Salesforce integration and reports
  • Delegation scenarios
  • Sequence and team analytics
  • Content management: templates & files
  • Prospect import from views, reports, and campaigns
  • Multiple schedules support
  • Managing sequences from Outlook and Gmail*
  • Automation rules and workflows

Intelligence package

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Included Activity Capture Engine
  • Pipeline inspection and health check
  • Interactive pipeline management
  • Pipeline evolution tracking
  • Deal insights and activity metrics
  • Team analytics and coaching
  • Relationship intelligence
  • Personalized Revenue Signals
  • Team Forecasting
  • Opportunities scoring
  • Revenue analytics, dashboards and reports
  • Native Salesforce integration
  • Conversational intelligence & call recording
  • Update Salesforce from MS Teams and Slack
  • Account intelligence
  • Signals Builder
  • Engagement sentiment analysis

Full Revenue Grid platform

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