Revenue Grid is a great alternative to

Over 25k companies find Revenue Grid more customizable and
cost-efficient than Here’s how you and your sales org can
benefit from Revenue Grid’s functionality

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Why is Revenue Grid a top alternative to

Smart data capture
  • Automatically sync data between CRM and Email
  • Auto-capture leads from Email and Calendar
  • Auto-link records, save email in bulk, multimatch data
  • Sync your Salesforce and Outlook Calendars
Revenue Signals
  • Receive alerts with the best next action
  • Follow playbooks with automated notifications
  • Create, test, and assess revenue strategies
  • Digitalize coaching to drive sizable results
Pipeline health check
  • Identify deals at risk in your pipeline
  • Get alerts on next best action for each deal
  • Identify what impacts pipeline the most
  • Inspect the commited pipeline regularly

What is is arevenue communications platform, empowering sales team with an automated workflow It helps to integrate all company’s systems with messaging apps like Slack to keep track on what’s going on within each deal.

Troops solves CRM input problems in a way that many reps love – by keeping them in Slack. This is great for businesses whose cultures are heavily built on Slack communication, and particularly helpful for reps who are mobile and can leverage Slack’s strong mobile functionality. It’s a great tool for driving CRM hygiene and accountability across customer-facing teams. pricing

Pricing is available upon request
The platform offers a free trial pros and cons


  • Track won/lost deals in Slack
  • Helps to share updates on deals
  • Integration with Slack & Salesforce
  • Easy to use interface


  • Confusing notifications
  • High alert frequency
  • Lack of customization
  • Character limits for updates

What makes Revenue Grid #1 alternative to

Smart data capture

Make more revenue with complete data within the sales pipeline

  • Capture and save customer data from various sources to Salesforce
  • Auto-create standard or custom objects and auto-save data to them
  • Sync your Outlook/Gmail and Salesforce Calendars
  • Share task reminders between Salesforce and Outlook or Gmail

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Actionable Revenue Signals

Use contextual notifications to signal your sales team the next best step in a deal

  • Get notifications on stalled deals or deals at risk
  • Automate sales playbooks and control their implementation
  • Get AI-driven insights on the next best action within each deal
  • Customize Revenue Signals to your existent sales workflow

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Pipeline health check

Understand the state of your sales pipeline and deals at any particular moment

  • Identify the state of each deal in the pipeline at any point in time
  • Get alerts on any significant changes in the pipeline
  • Coach reps on digitally with AI-driven Signals
  • Inspect commited pipeline and detect potential overpromises

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