Looking for the best MixMax alternative?

More than 25k companies worldwide feel that Revenue Grid is easier to use, more customizable, and less expensive compared to MixMax

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Revenue Grid is a better MixMax alternative

Integration for Salesforce and
Outlook/Gmail & Calendar
  • Auto-capture sales data and activities
  • Create leads from your Outlook/Gmail or Calendar automatically
  • Auto-link records, multi-match data and sync your Calendars better
  • Save and link emails to any Salesforce record
  • Easily track email opens and clicks
Automated outbound outreach
  • Send automated sales sequences via several communication channels
  • Add recipients to email sequences from Salesforce views, CSV files
  • Stop/pause email sequences automatically
  • Personalize emails with any Salesforce custom field
#1 Guided selling platform
  • Gain 360-degree view of your sales pipeline and act fast on the deals at risk
  • Use Revenue Signals to give your reps the next best step to close a deal
  • See how effective your team performs and what efforts actually work
  • Automate reminders to implement your best playbooks easier


What is MixMax?

Mixmax Chrome extension is an email automation tool integrated with Gmail through a Chrome extension.

With Mixmax, sales reps can track the performance of emails, schedule meetings, and send sequences of emails right from Gmail.

Other Mixmax features include creating templates, scheduling emails, integration of polls, Typeforms, GIFs, and more into emails, integrations with multiple communication channels such as SMS and Twitter.

MixMax pricing

Mixmax pricing starts at $9-$12/month.
Mixmax has a free plan and a free 14-days trial.


  • Well-designed and intuitive interface
  • Personal mailings option & email tracking
  • Easy to use sequences
  • The ability to create unique meeting buttons
  • Book calendar events via email option


  • Unlike Revenue Grid, it doesn’t work with Outlook
  • The LinkedIn function is no longer available
  • No option for deleting a sequence stage after it’s in use
  • For some, the installation may seem difficult
  • No mobile integrations

More reasons to choose Revenue Grid over MixMax

Auto-capture sales data

Revenue Grid allows you to automatically capture all Sales activities and data from your Outlook and Salesforce.

Automatically save any activity like emails, meetings or tasks to more than one Salesforce record at the same time. Auto-create new Salesforce custom objects, and automatically capture and save data to them.

Automate meeting scheduling

Tired of constant re-scheduling? Insert clickable time slots from your Calendar in your email for your leads and prospects to choose from. Alternatively, share your full availability as a link, letting your leads choose the meeting time in your Calendar on their own

Automate meeting scheduling
Automate meeting scheduling
Automate meeting scheduling

Auto-send sales sequences

Engage with prospects through email, calls, texts, and social media, creating automated sequences that feel personal. Land every step at the right moment using smart schedules and know exactly when your emails get opened and links get clicked to react immediately

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