Microsoft switches to MS Graph API from EWS: A new challenge for Salesforce users

Microsoft recently announced a full transition from Exchange Web Services (EWS) APIs to
Microsoft Graph (MS Graph) by March 31, 2022. This means that software that uses EWS API
won’t be able to continue operating using this API. This includes Salesforce’s own data
capture solutions, like Lightning Sync and Einstein Activity Capture

  • No new EWS apps registration
  • Deprecation of the 25 least used APIs for Exchange Online
  • Surface area reduction of the EWS protocol
  • No more support for deprecated APIs


What does this mean for Salesforce users?

Salesforce Ligtning Sync / EAC will be unstable


Users will have difficulty mirroring events between Outlook and Salesforce, as well as capturing data

Greater possibility
of data loss


Data may not be properly captured, synced,
and saved to Salesforce

Longer migration time
and bugs


Creating a new synchronization system may take as long as 3 years, and, even worse, the sytem may have bugs

Why you should switch to Revenue Grid

No downtime with MS Graph


Revenue Grid already uses the MS Graph API, meaning that users will experience no difficulty with any of the supported apps, and there are no risks of data loss

Easy and fast migration


Migrating to Revenue Grid is faster and easier than most of it’s alternatives. Plus, we’ll guide you through every step of the migration process

Better security


Since Revenue Grid uses MS Graph API, you can effortlessly manage data access for different users more securely

What’s so great about Revenue Grid?

We hate to blow our trumpets, but here are a few reasons we are worth the hype:

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The most secure data capture in the industry

Automatically capture, sync, amd save relevant sales data from email/calendar to Salesforce. Give your reps more time to sell and keep your CRM up to date every time


Real-time insights and revenue intelligence using Signals

See-through your pipeline and all of your team’s activities. Gain real-time insights from data captured, and improve forecasting accuracy with reportable data in Salesforce

Actionable Signals that guide your team to more wins

Create actionable Signals that alert your team about changes in your pipeline, deals, and territories, and nudge your team towards the next best steps to help them hit and exceed the quota


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