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Why Revenue Grid is a better alternative to Introhive

Introhive does not guarantee accurate data capture and synchronization of contacts in Salesforce. Duplicates are often created when new contacts are added to existing accounts in Salesforce.

In addition to having limited customization options for data capture and storing CRM and customer data in third-party services, Introhive increases data vulnerabilty and limits your control over Salesforce data.

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Why sales teams prefer Revenue Grid
to Introhive

Accurate data capture

Introhive does not capture & sync contacts to the correct accounts in Salesforce. That means duplicates are created each time your sales reps create an opportunity or adds a related contact to the existing customer.

Revenue Grid automatically recognizes contacts included in emails and meetings, but not yet added to Salesforce. With this data, a new Salesforce Contact will be created without any duplication.

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Unique customization options

Introhive cannot filter or control what data ends up in Salesforce. This tool copies emails from your email client and stores them on the record (chosen by the user), making them available to everyone with access to that record.

Revenue Grid allows admins to configure what data can be logged in Salesforce using allowlists, denylists, and custom rules. What’s more, if you choose to migrate to another solution in the future, your activity will always be secure in Salesforce.

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Advanced team analytics

Introhive offers basic team analytics functionality. The software allows you to monitor your team’s activities in real-time and recommends the next best actions to move deals forward. But that’s not enough if you want full control of your sales process.

Revenue Grid allows you to see the true state of each rep’s forecasted pipeline, create your own Revenue Signals per deal and rep, and discover your team’s response to Signals. Even better, you have enough data to forecast accurately.

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Private cloud or on-premises deployment

Introhive captures and stores customer data in third-party databases like Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning captured data is not physically stored in Salesforce. As a result, your data becomes vulnerable to security threats.

Revenue Grid can be deployed on-premises or on your private cloud, which gives your team full control and ownership of all customer data. This is crucial for companies working in Fintech, Public Sector, and Healthcare industries.

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What can Revenue Grid do
that Introhive can’t?

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  • Accurate data capture & sync
  • Flexibility and customization options
  • Advanced team analytics
  • On-prem or private cloud deployment
  • Data is stored in third-party databases

Accurate data capture & sync

Flexibility and customization options

Advanced team analytics

On-prem or private cloud deployment

Data is stored in third-party databases

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