A powerful alternative to Highspot

Revenue Grid is a complete Guided Selling platform that provides revenue teams with sales enablement features for intelligent content management, coaching, and prospect engagement

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Revenue Grid is AI powered content management

Sales engagement
  • Get AI alerts on what content to send in each situation
  • Run sophisticated sequences for multiple channels
  • Automatically manage sequences based on events
  • Use CRM data for a personalized approach
  • Digitalize coaching with contextual alerts
  • Shorten the ramp-up time of new reps
  • Make sure sales training sticks
  • Ensure a consistent approach to selling
Complete Analytics
  • View pipeline health with no questions asked
  • Analyze key metrics to see the progress
  • Identify and avert risks in good time
  • Make accurate and reliable predictions

What is Highspot?

Highspot is a sales enablement platform that assists with managing content for conversations with customers. The platform also offers such features as virtual training, contextual instructions, customer engagement, etc.

Highspot uses AI technology for its search tool to provide relevant content upon a request, analyze content performance, and suggest changes for improvement.

Highspot pricing

Pricing information upon request.
A free trial is available.

Highspot: pros and cons


  • Content management
  • Access from CRM, Email, LinkedIn
  • Virtual training
  • Guidance on using content


  • Confusing search tool
  • Not-intuitive UX
  • Limited email analytics
  • Poor Salesforce integration
  • Difficult to organize content

Revenue Grid is a true Guided Selling platform

Two-way data sync between
Salesforce and Inbox

Revenue Grid enables teams to automatically synchronize data from Microsoft or Google Inbox and Calendar with Salesforce and vice versa.

To keep all sales data in check, sellers can add contacts and emails to Salesforce from the comfort of their Inbox.

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Seller-centered approach

Revenue Grid provides 360° pipeline visibility that helps identify in an instance which opportunities require urgent attention.
Data-based insights into the team’s activities immediately uncover the efforts put into selling and show which ones actually drive results. And Revenue Signals give reliable guidance by prompting sellers the crucial steps for closing deals

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Engagement automation

Automated sequences across various communication channels increase the quality of engagement. Also, Salesforce data gives sales communication a personal feel. And predefined rules automatically stop or pause sequences

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