Stay on top of deals with Deal Alerts

Deal Alerts are AI-based notifications that signal any changes in your deals. They show you what’s working and what isn’t throughout a deal and recommend what to do next.

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    How Deal Alerts help you close faster and win more

    Help your team execute better

    Have full control over the sales process by using Deal Alerts to automate playbooks and best practices. Guide your reps with AI Signals that alert them to the next best step and increase their chances to win

    • Have your team follow the right steps at any stage or process
    • Use AI insights to give reps an edge to win more often
    • Shorten onboarding time for newcomers

    deal notifications

    Improve your sales process

    Improve your sales process

    Create your own Signals to track any changes in pipeline, conversion, and close rates. Find gaps in your process without having to dive into every record

    • Get Signals on deals at risk, silent deals, or deals about to stall
    • Learn about any shift in important sales metrics on Salesforce
    • Get notified when there’s no follow-up on active opportunities

    Build alerts on data from any tool

    Capture business-related data from sales systems and tools your reps use and build Deal Alerts with them. Also, get these alerts in the tools you use like Microsoft Teams or Slack

    • Capture complete data and log to Salesforce automatically
    • Build AI Signals on data from any tool your team uses
    • Have Signals appear in tools your teams use frequently

    Build alerts on data from any tool