Revenue Grid is the ultimate alternative

Over 25k companies find Revenue Grid more customizable and
cost-efficient than Here’s how you and your sales org can
benefit from Revenue Grid’s functionality

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Why Revenue Grid is #1 alternative to

Risk-assessed forecasting
  • Match your actual revenue and forecasts
  • Receive alerts about any changes in predictions
  • Understand the risks behind the forecast
  • Use forecast insights to coach your team
Accurate pipeline inspection
  • Check pipeline health at any point in time
  • Get notifications on stalled deals
  • Understand reasons behind deals at risk
  • Use Signals to catch on the pipeline
Advanced deal analytics
  • Get notified on the next best step on deals
  • Get alerts on deals at risks and turn them green
  • Gain full communication story with customers
  • Map out relationships behind each deal

What is revenue operations platform combines seller reported data (CRM) with email and calendar to provide a full 360 view of engagement. Boostup is the superior alternative to Salesforce Einstein analytics, focusing on opportunity management and making forecasting easy for the sales team worldwide. The interface gives a clear picture of where deals are within the quarter, combining all the data from Salesforce, and what are risks that need to be managed.

In comparison to competitors, the company introduces new standard in forecasting, focusing on forecast risk management and full analysis of the pipeline.

Boostup pricing

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  • Deal & account risk assessment
  • Full forecasting BI
  • Email & calendar integration and sync
  • Risk Alerts on deals and accounts


  • Confusing user interface
  • Lack of dashboards customization
  • Mistakes in detection deals at risk
  • Limited reporting features

Why Revenue Grid is the best alternative to

100% Accurate Forecasting

Identify risks in the pipeline while improving forecasting rigor and accuracy

  • Discover forecast risks from all customer communication channels
  • Set-up specific notifications to get informed about any changes in forecasts
  • Understand the reasons behind forecast changes and act accordingly
  • Coach sales reps on the next best actions to meet the planned forecast

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Accurate pipeline inspection

Make pipeline health check at any moment and react in a matter of seconds

  • Discover risks behind the opportunity scores and dive in the stalled deals
  • Set up specific notifications to get informed about any changes in the pipeline
  • Understand the reasons behind pipeline changes and react accordingly
  • Coach sales reps on the next best actions to get the deals back on track

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Advanced deal analytics

Guide sales reps on the next best action on each deal to streamline the sales cycle

  • Get notifications on the next best step in each deal
  • Understand relationship intelligence within each deal and define decision-makers
  • Set up AI-driven Signals to react immediately on the changes within the deal
  • Gain full understanding of all customer communications within the deals

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