Donate to Ukraine and help bring the victory faster

Back in 2014 Revenue Grid employees got together and created a charity fund that gathers monthly donations from our colleagues, friends, and investors to support Ukraine’s efforts to free itself from Russian war aggression.

The purpose of the fund is to help battalion “Pivnich” and procure supplies for other Armed Forces units and volunteer battalions. We work in several directions to address the needs of the military and civilians:

  • Buy various equipment for the Armed Forces
  • Purchase and transport humanitarian aid from the borders of the country to the front
  • Gather and distribute food and medicine to the refugees and elderly in Kyiv

In the last sixth months, we have donated USD 330,000 to the fund and procured communication equipment, daylight and nighttime optics, drones, cars, military first-aid kits, drones, equipment for TRO, laptops, tablets, metal detectors, power generators, and many other things. Six men and one woman from Revenue Grid team have joined the Ukrainian armed forces to fight for freedom and future of Ukraine.

We will not stop here, and plan to support the restoration of Ukraine after the long-awaited victory has been achieved.

We invite you to join us and take a stand against this unjustifiable war.

You can donate any amount you wish (no contribution is too small) to a special PayPal account we created [email protected] or donate directly to the dedicated bank account we set up at Bank of America:

Routing 053904483

Account # 223028987869


Spread the word and #StandwithUkraine.

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