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Leaders will move from disparate tools to unified AI-powered revenue intelligence platforms that serve as sales co-pilots 

ATLANTA, GA – Jan. 10, 2024 – Revenue Grid, a leading revenue operations and intelligence platform for global sales teams, revealed its annual revenue intelligence predictions for 2024. These predictions—which reveal pivotal trends that are reshaping the sales automation landscape globally—span the growing impact of AI and machine learning in accelerating sales automation, the increasing consolidation of the sales tech stack, the role of activity capture across channels, the evolution of CRM from systems of record to systems of action, and the growing importance of security across end-to-end sales interactions. 

“The missing ‘A’ in Sales Automation will undergo a profound transformation in 2024, driven by advancements in AI and machine learning,” stated Vlad Voskresensky, Co-Founder of Revenue Grid. “Beyond automating manual and repeatable tasks, AI-powered revenue intelligence platforms will swiftly aggregate and interpret activities across CRM and all communication channels, discern patterns, and act as co-pilots that empower teams with actionable intelligence—all while prioritizing security at the core.”

Key Takeaways:

In 2024, Revenue Grid anticipates:

Prediction 1: AI will accelerate sales automation—Automating manual and repetitive sales tasks and processes will accelerate as companies adopt AI, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. Companies will prioritize streamlining inefficiencies across lead qualification, SDRs, rev ops, playbooks, discounting, and negotiation through automation. As a result, human resources will be empowered to redirect efforts toward cultivating relationships and other value-added initiatives.

Prediction 2: Sales will prioritize activity capture across channels—Integrating conversational activity capture and analysis across diverse channels will become paramount in sales automation. This evolution will involve comprehensive tracking and automation of all activities across varied communication platforms, including CRM, text, voice, Zoom, and email, particularly concerning pipeline progression and outcomes. Advanced data capture and AI and machine learning will enable teams to gain valuable insights across the ecosystem of conversations and knowledge.

Prediction 3: Sales tech stack consolidation will accelerate: Amid the proliferation of overlapping sales automation tools, organizations will aggressively consolidate their tech stacks—emphasizing onboarding, training, and optimizing premium sales applications with customizable core functionalities. Companies will transition to comprehensive sales and revenue intelligence platforms that serve as unified hubs for activity capture, sales engagement, and revenue forecasting. This will further streamline labor-intensive processes, significantly lower the total cost of ownership, and empower sales teams to shift focus from application maintenance to nurturing customer relationships.

Prediction 4: CRM will evolve from records to actions—CRM systems will shift from “systems of records” to “systems of actions.” AI-powered “generative signals” embedded in next-generation platforms will help sales teams identify success patterns and adapt to changing market demands. Generative signals draw from accurate data from CRM and all other customer channels to enable teams to identify winning customer engagement patterns—providing real-time, actionable recommendations to elevate sales efforts.

Prediction 5: Sales automation security will intensify—With Generative AI becoming an essential part of revenue intelligence platforms, attention will increase to secure end-to-end sales interactions. This will include sophisticated processes and technologies that prevent exposing training data or other data points that should remain confidential. Security professionals will increasingly place proper controls around fine-tuned LLM models and associated products.

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Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses identify and prevent revenue leaks at any stage of the revenue generation process. Revenue Grid fights revenue leaks by automatically capturing all relevant sales activities, analyzing data with AI, implementing changes to sales processes with Revenue Signals, and measuring the effectiveness of those changes. Organizations as diverse as Hilton, Western Union, Moody’s, Trip Advisor, Red Cross, and Robert Half have chosen Revenue Grid thanks to its customizability and enterprise-readiness. Revenue Grid is a private company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, visit revenuegrid.com.


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