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Revenue Grid Introduces AI Capabilities for Authentic Sales Process Automation in B2B Deals

ATLANTA, Sept. 12, 2023 – Revenue Grid, the go-to Revenue Operations and Intelligence solution for sales teams worldwide, today announced its innovative “Sales Intelligence Engine”, an advanced suite of AI-driven capabilities that will reshape the B2B sales landscape.

In an era where sales teams are burdened by manual operations, true selling often gets overshadowed. This challenge underscores the need for AI tools to go beyond providing mere alerts to genuine sales process automation. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI, Revenue Grid’s Sales Intelligence Engine tackles this head-on and transforms sales processes by introducing its RATE process:

  • REFINE: Offering AI-guided sales coaching, personalizing strategies for every sales representative.
  • ACCELERATE: Providing AI-powered recommendations, ensuring sales teams always have a proactive strategy at their fingertips.
  • TRUST: Validating the sales pipeline with AI-backed insights, ensuring robustness and reliability.
  • ENGAGE: Offering swift, automatic generation of real-time opportunity statuses, minimizing the need for manual tracking and prioritizing manager’s efforts

“The global economy is as dynamic as ever; every company has become a data company. Traditional sales playbooks simply don’t cut it anymore,” said Vlad Voskresensky, founder and CEO at Revenue Grid. “Imagine a system that doesn’t just tell you the patterns but actively engages in the sales steps, reducing manual intervention and ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.”

Voskresensky’s vision aligns with broader industry trends. A recent study from McKinsey indicates that nearly 20% of sales team tasks are ripe for AI-driven automation, underscoring the rising importance of genuine sales process automation.

Bridging this vision and industry trajectory, the Sales Intelligence Engine introduces “Generative Signals”. This feature generates real-time, contextual notifications tailored for revenue professionals, steering them optimally during critical moments. It acts as a sales co-pilot by augmenting the selling process and providing data-backed advice. These insights help sales teams make informed decisions, optimize strategies and identify revenue potential.

Generative Signals detect success patterns like the most winning customer segment, the persona with the highest close rate, the customer engagement pattern that results in shorter deal cycles and the best call or email script for a higher success rate. Once it identifies a strong enough pattern, it signals the sales rep the next best step for a particular opportunity to repeat the pattern.

“Generative Signals creates a dynamic playbook for every deal in your CRM, becomes native to your entire tech stack and adapts to the way you work, helping you win more,” Voskresensky said.

Further elaborating, Voskresensky adds, “While AI’s productivity and cost-saving facets are well-discussed, its true potential lies in actively driving revenue. By intertwining guidance with automation, the Sales Intelligence Engine ensures that businesses don’t just react, but proactively move deals down the pipeline. This is authentic sales process automation at its best. With the announcement of our Sales Intelligence Engine, Revenue Grid is embracing AI to continue its mission to help companies thrive in sales and meet revenue targets.”

Konstantin Perederiy, Senior Vice President of Sales at Customertimes, highlighted the transformative impact of Revenue Grid, stating, “Before Revenue Grid, extracting the right data for planning, forecasting and tracking our pipeline was a significant challenge and took reps nearly two hours to prepare for a forecast call. Because of Revenue Grid’s AI-driven capabilities, the analytics on our pipeline and reporting are more efficient and truly transformative, resulting in up to 40% time savings on reporting and deal tracking. Now, it only takes 10-15 minutes for reps to prepare for those forecasting calls. We’ve experienced an enhanced ability to focus on pivotal deals, so our chances of closing those deals have notably increased. Revenue Grid’s automation has been invaluable in steering our sales strategy.”

Following this announcement, Revenue Grid will proudly showcase its latest advancements as a sponsor and participant at Dreamforce 2023.

To learn more about Revenue Grid, visit www.revenuegrid.com.

About Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses thrive in sales and meet revenue targets. Revenue Grid helps companies succeed by automatically capturing all relevant sales activities, analyzing data with AI, implementing changes to sales processes with Revenue Signals, and measuring the effectiveness of those changes. Organizations as diverse as Hilton, Western Union, Moody’s, Trip Advisor, Red Cross, and Robert Half have chosen Revenue Grid thanks to its customizability and enterprise-readiness. Revenue Grid is a private company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, visit revenuegrid.com.

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