How full-service insurance brokerage firm expanded its business despite conflicting workflows

  • +30%
    increase in the number of new contracts per business unit
  • +50%
    increase in the number of meetings per employee
  • +16h
    of productive time saved per brocker each week

Our business units had conflicting workflows, and we could not expand our business unless we could make it work harmoniously between them. Revenue Grid was the solution we needed.

Head of CRM, Insurance brokerage firm


This company has been working on the US insurance & investment market for several decades, offering excellent products and services to its clients.

Few years back, they decided to expand its business with new investment and retiring planning units, but the new structure had severely complicated the workflows. Looking for a way to solve these issues, the company was referred to Revenue Grid.

  • Expanding the business

    The main challenge was to accurately track communication progress with clients who signed contracts with any of the company’s three business units.

    Duplicates were appearing each time a brocker created an opportunity in another unit that was related to the existing customer. This led to miscommunication between business units and clients and slowed down the expansion of the business.

  • Advanced sync for each business units

    Retirement planning unit needed proper Calendar sync setup. Unit’s contacts were divided into two sub-groups: (1) operations that needed one-way sync of contacts, and (2) sales & distribution that needed to have two-way sync of calendar events. This meant advisors could access contacts based on whether they were active in Salesforce.

    The firm also needed to ensure relevant opportunities and projects were available in each advisor’s corresponding mailbox folders.

’We wanted to streamline the workflows and improve productivity of our advisors. When they could focus on clients relevant to them, they would deliever better service

’I was impressed with Revenue Grid’s team and their ability to understand and manage complex business environments and goals


Revenue Grid has been solving similar challenges with complex business environments for financial companies before and was able to easily find the right solution for the company.

  • Insurance: accurate data capture

    Revenue Grid helped insurance unit to keep its Salesforce data accurate and up to date.

    Revenue Grid automated contact creation when it was linked to a separate holding account and could not be matched to an existing contact or account in Salesforce. That solved the problem of duplicates and confusing records.

  • Investment: data hygiene

    Unlike the insurance unit, the investment unit needed different workflow automation, where records such as meetings, emails, and attachments would automatically be linked to multiple objects like Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities.

  • Retirement planning: advanced calendar sync

    Revenue Grid applied advanced filters to prevent contacts from syncing to Outlook if they did not meet the retirement planning business unit pre-determined criteria. Role-based data quality filters ensured advisors only received contacts relevant to them.

    Revenue Grid’s Salesforce and Email & Calendar integration solved the problem of multiple “Related To” relationships in Salesforce, ensuring accurate reporting and data hygiene


In retirement planning unit, advisors were able to save an average of 16 hours of productive time per employee per week.

The number of new contracts in each business unit grew on average by 30%, with at least 50% increase in the number of new meetings per employee.

Once the workflows and the processes were set right, the company started seeing true pipeline numbers, accurate reporting, and a significant lift in productivity of their brokers and consultants. With no miscommunication issues and greater productivity, the company was able to accelerate their business.

  • +30%

    increase in the number of new contracts per business unit
  • + 50%

    increase in the number of meetings per employee
  • + 16h

    of productive time saved per brocker each week

Revenue Grid helped the full-service insurance brokerge firm to expand and grow their business by automating complex workflows and ensuring data hygiene

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