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Revenue Grid: The top sales engagement solution for Salesforce users.

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G2 Leader 2020 spring

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Revenue Grid – the best Highspot alternative

Revenue Grid: Best Highspot alternative.

Guided Selling platform designed to lead your team to repeatable revenue

Highspot software

What is Highspot?

Highspot is an advanced sales enablement platform that helps businesses to engage in more relevant customer conversations and accomplish higher revenue goals.

Using sales content tools and content analytics, guided selling, in-context training, and various integrations, Highspot users can easily find the most relevant content for each situation, find effective ways to present their content to potential buyers, and see if they find it engaging.

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Highspot offers a free trial.

Highspot competitors

  • Revenue Grid is a famous AI Guided Selling platform that provides sales teams with a consistent guidance towards measures that lead to the top results, shows deals at risk, and leads to generating repeatable revenue.

The platform provides total visibility into the pipeline, deals, and sales team activity, helps to gain a stronger grip on the sales process, automate routines, and empower reps to push deals through the funnel.

  • Zendesk Sell is a simple-to-use customer relationship management solution and sales force automation tool that helps to funnel qualified leads from multiple sources, track sales and gain fullest visibility into the sales pipeline with advanced sales reporting feature.
  • Paperflite, the “easiest sales (content) enablement platform to use”, enables marketing to curate, organize, collaborate, distribute content to sales, customer success, and channel partners instantly.

Collateral and sales enablement software allows tracking content across its entire journey, get a deep insight into what works best, find out how the prospects engage with the content on multiple channels.