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Revenue Grid: Quit guessing and help your team win more deals faster!

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What is Gong.io?

It’s a patented revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams that automatically captures/analyzes sales interactions/meetings (and excellently understands the content!) and gives insights, helping your business win its market share.

It is a vital tool for reviewing calls and addressing issues in real-time, identifying trends across different accounts, and making adjustments to line up with the company’s mission. Also, sales team members can easily share their ideas using peer reviewing and commenting.

The platform improves sales team effectiveness, helps to find out the information from your market from the source, and close more deals.


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Gong.io has a free trial.


  • Excellent language modeling and transcription accuracy;
  • Intuitive and pleasing interface, that is easy to use and navigate;
  • Great for tracking calls;
  • Excellent search abilities;
  • Powerful analytics features; 
  • Ability to remotely provide feedback to team members via mobile app.


  • Sometimes, loading calls takes time;
  • Confusing timeline style view of sales/engagement cycle;
  • App lags occur sometimes.

Gong.io alternatives:

  • Revenue Grid is a Guided Selling platform that provides sales teams with easy-to-understand gradual guidance to close key deals using fullest sales data, along with the proven strategies.

Salesforce-native sales intelligence platform easily integrates with various systems including your calendar and inbox and is always up-to-date with sales reps’ interactions, accounts, calls, emails, meetings, and documents. Having the data, the platform sends customizable signals to suggest the best next step and keep deals moving.

Powerful analytics allows see-through deals and sales processes. Together with auto-nurturing from Revenue Engage and Revenue Inbox’s email and calendar integration, Revenue Grid becomes an all-inclusive sales engagement platform that allows your sales teams to consistently grow revenue.

  • CallHippo is a cloud-based telephone system with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) support. It allows small businesses and startups to instantly get local phone numbers from over 190 countries. Using cloud technology, users can obtain service phone numbers and make calls to countries around the world, provided they have an Internet connection.

With such a simple system, CallHippo can help you launch your business support center in just a couple of minutes while providing your business with a fully functional and reliable solution with many features and integrations.

  • Adversus is a cloud-based dialer and customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help small and midsize businesses manage operations related to customer communications, telemarketing, lead management, and more.

The platform enables users to automate call workflows with auto-answer, custom call attempts, and lead prioritization.

Features include customizable customer cards, call recording, privacy cleansing, customer segmentation, real-time campaign tracking, and more. The solution allows users to export data in a variety of formats, including XLS, CSV, and XLSX.