Why Revenue Grid is a better choice than Gong.io?

Revenue Grid is the #1 Guided Selling platform trusted by over 25,000
companies around the world

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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Revenue Grid is the #1 Guided Selling platform

Conversational Intelligence
  • Draw actionable insights from Zoom meetings with customers and partners
  • Set up Revenue Signals to flash out themes, topics, and keywords
  • Connect conversational intelligence to opportunity scoring
  • Take actions based on intel from the call to move deals forward
Pipeline Management
  • Obtain a 360-degree visibility into your pipeline, process, team and customers
  • View detailed analytics on every opportunity and the next steps planned to move it forward
  • Get a unified view into all touch points and relationships behind your pipeline
  • Define the best performing behaviors and playbookstom field
AI Guided selling
  • See the status of every deal and take the best actions at the right time
  • Provide reps with the best next actions towards a closed deal
  • Monitor your team performance and see what efforts work best
  • Automate reminders for easier implementation of your most effective playbooks

What is Gong.io?

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams that automatically captures and analyzes sales interactions and gives insights, helping businesses win their market share. It is a good tool for reviewing calls and addressing issues in real-time, identifying trends across different accounts and making adjustments to align with the company’s mission.

The platform improves sales team effectiveness and helps to find out specific sales information from the source.

Gong.io pricing

Starts at $9-$12/month.
Gong.io has a free trial.

Gong.io: pros and cons


  • Excellent language modeling and transcription accuracy
  • Intuitive and pleasing interface, that is easy to use and navigate
  • Great for tracking calls
  • Excellent search abilities
  • Powerful analytics features


  • Sometimes, loading calls takes time
  • Confusing timeline style view of sales/engagement cycle
  • App lags occur sometimes

Revenue Grid gives you more than Gong.io

Conversational Intelligence

Get insights from your Zoom meetings with customers or partners

  • Find recordings easily with search and filters
  • Select a recording to watch or access Conversational Intelligence
  • View transcripts, keywords, topics, and action items
  • Create Signals based on topics or keywords

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Revenue Signals

Take the best action based on AI and your proven strategies

  • Auto-save all touchpoints to Salesforce
  • Define correlations between activity and success rates
  • Get automated nudges and alerts for next best action
  • Automate playbook execution at scale

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AI Guided Selling platform

Transform the way you sell with actionable pipeline analytics

  • See the past, present and future status of every deal
  • Define interconnections between the customer’s team and your sales people
  • Receive Signals to push deals forward and act fast to keep things on track
  • Introduce playbooks with automated triggers and reminders for each step or play

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