Perfect integration between your CRM,
RevenueGrid and Email 

Smart Sidebar

Display your CRM data, right where you need it

With a Sidebar that lives both in your Inbox and RevenueGrid, the right bit of CRM data is always within reach. Quickly view, create, and edit records. Add new leads to sequences directly from Inbox, and more.

  • Shows your CRM data in Outlook, Gmail and RevenueGrid
  • Works on desktop, browser, and mobile
  • Add leads to sequences in one click
  • 100% sales data visibility and access
  • 100% customizable
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Leads Auto-Creation

Have leads appear in your CRM, all by themselves

Focus on responding to incoming leads instead of having to open your CRM and creating a new record. Just have RevenueGrid automatically do it for you.

  • No need to leave Inbox
  • Fully automatic

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