Incorporating data
to dramatically impact your sales strategy

In a world where changes are challenging industries, not using data in your sales strategy
is a dead-end street. Listen in as sales experts from leading companies share their
approach to effectively aligning data with sales strategy and processes for better results

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Erik Charles



Drew O’Brien



Kayde Givens



Gal Steinberg

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Watch the talk to learn about:

  • Sales performance metrics

    How do you define the right metrics to ensure the same “data language” across departments?

  • Account-based selling

    What is account-based selling and how can data help to identify and prioritize key accounts?

  • Data-driven decision making

    How can you create a data-driven sales strategy that brings the highest ROI?

  • Predictive analytics

    How can you improve your forecasting efforts and use data and insights to coach your team?

  • AI deal guidance

    How do you use AI-based recommendations to help sales reps get deals through the sales cycle faster?

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    Duration – 1 hour