Guided Selling: An overview

Close deals faster and more consistently with a data-driven approach to sales. Use AI
to bring total visibility, comprehensive control, and real-time guidance to your organization’s
sales data and proven strategies.

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What is Guided Selling?

Designed for:

  • Entire sales organizations

The Guided Selling process involves both software tools and sales methodologies. It puts B2B reveanue teams in the best position to win by providing complete visibility into their pipeline and team activity, full control of the sales process, and guidance through every deal.

Guided Selling is powered by applying AI analytics to all your communication data. By correlating sales activities with outcomes, it identifies winning strategies and warns teams when deals are at risk.

Revenue teams can then create a unified approach to selling by using contextual alerts and notifications that nudge each member of the team to take the right action at the right time.

How does Guided Selling work?

intelligent guided selling platform

Step 1

Automate data capture

Guided Selling automatically saves records of all your sales data and all sales activities.

guided selling software

Step 2

Crunch the data with AI

Next, it finds the activity trends that lead to wins and losses so that it can determine deal health and which activities work best for your team.

guided selling tool

Step 3

Provide visibility and guidance

As data rolls in, Guided Selling uses those insights to provide digestible, timely information and guidance to every member of your revenue team.

How are sales teams using Guided Selling
to win more deals faster?

Revenue Signals

Actionable alerts and guidance

Revenue Signals alerts are the key to turning your sales data into actionable insights. They provide visibility, guidance, and focus throughout the sales cycle.

  • Keep your team’s focus on the productive actions and the deals that will close
  • Stay up to date with key thresholds and data points
  • Create a unified approach to sales across the revenue team
  • Build speed and responsiveness into the sales process

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guided selling tools

guided sales

Pipeline Visibility

An X-ray for the sales pipeline

Pipeline visibility means important data about deals and sales activity is always digestible and easy to find.

  • Get a single, connected command center for your sales organization
  • Skip the interrogations, get deal information on demand
  • Understand pipeline and deal health at a glance
  • Research all the sales activity that lead to a deal: read any email, listen to any call

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Deal Guidance

Focus and guidance in every deal

Our Deal Guidance feature transforms the sales cycle from reactive and intuition-based activity to proactive and data-driven.

  • Remove guesswork with clear next steps
  • Minimize human error and lost deals
  • Increase deal velocity with prioritized actions for reps
  • Improve your sales strategy continuously with AI recommendations

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guided selling solution

guided selling platform

Sales Coaching

Top performance from every rep

Digital sales coaching replaces improvised suggestions with personalized programs that bring measurable improvements in performance.

  • Increase adoption of playbooks and internal processes
  • Maximize ROI on training with increased retention
  • Reduce ramp up time significantly
  • Increase agility with faster, smoother strategy changes

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