Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence
Platforms by Gartner

What does the report offer?

An essential resource for revenue leaders seeking a step forward in the way they run their sales and revenue operations


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    Learn how new tech can give your revenue organization a boost with the right data and insight
  • timeline
    Understand the trends that shape the market to align your sales and technology strategies
  • warning_amber
    Learn how to select the right platform without risking your investment
  • img-steve-rietberg
    Steve Rietberg

    Steve is a Senior Director Analyst in Gartner’s Sales practice. With over 15 years of experience in sales operations, sales strategy, and leadership, he advises sales leaders and their cross-functional teams with their sales decisions.

  • img-adnan-zijadic
    Adnan Zijadic

    Adnan Zijadic is a Senior Principal Analyst at Gartner’s Sales and Customer Experience team. His research focuses on sales analytics and Sales Force Automation technologies and strategy.

  • img-dan-gottlieb
    Dan Gottlieb

    Dan Gottlieb is a Director Analyst in the Gartner for Sales Practice. His research area covers a spectrum of topics across revenue technology strategy and pipeline generation.

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