Why Revenue Grid is a better alternative to Einstein Activity Capture

The data captured by Einstein Activity Capture is not stored in Salesforce, which means it is not reportable. Furthermore, the data is accessible for 6 to 24 months and then disappears. Einstein Activity Capture is not flexible enough to offer you customizable sync options, and since captured data is stored in third-party databases, security becomes a continuous concern

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alternative to Einstein Activity Capture

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Reasons to choose Revenue Grid over
Einstein Activity Capture

Reportable data in Salesforce

Activities captured by EAC are not available in standard Salesforce reporting. That means you cannot build reports in Salesforce based on Einstein Activity Capture data.

Revenue Grid captures and saves data directly to Salesforce, so reporting never becomes an issue. You can build reports for important metrics like customer engagement, sales activity, and communication data.

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Never lose captured data

With Einstein Activity Capture, the captured data is accessible only for six months by default and 24 months in the paid version. After that time, all captured data is completely lost. And when you decide to migrate, you need to say goodbye to all your captured data.

Using Revenue Grid, your captured data is always accessible in Salesforce and will not be lost after 24 months or any other period. What is more, you can auto-save all your past activities in bulk with historical sync. And in case you migrate, the captured data will stay in Salesforce.

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Have full control over your data

Einstein Activity Capture has no customizable sync options because it is not flexible. As a result, you cannot choose which data to store. Even deleting an email requires admin authority.

Revenue Grid offers maximum flexibility. Therefore, the captured data can be synced according to allowlists, denylists, and custom rules, whatever you need.

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einstein activity capture vs revenue grid


Deploy on-premises or on your private cloud

Einstein Activity Capture does not support on-premises deployment, which means your data will be stored on third-party cloud databases and may become vulnerable to security threats.

Revenue Grid can be deployed on-premises or on your private cloud, which puts your team in full control over security and privacy of all customer data. Revenue Grid also offers full encryption for all data passed to Salesforce. We support Microsoft Graph Security API for companies with specific data needs. In addition, our admins can immediately exclude personal data from machine learning models when requested by our customers.

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What can Revenue Grid do
that Einstein Activity Capture won’t?

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  • Captured data is reportable in Salesforce
  • Always accessible data in Salesforce
  • Flexible and customizable sync options
  • On-prem or private cloud deployment
  • Data is stored in third-party databases

Captured data is reportable in Salesforce

Always accessible data in Salesforce

Flexible and customizable sync options

On-prem or private cloud deployment

Data is stored in third-party databases

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Sellers love Revenue Grid

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