7 best sales techniques to amp up your skills

Sail to sales success using these seven top techniques.

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Sales, sales, sales, it may be a cliche but every business depends on thriving sales. You might have a great product, something you’re convinced could change the world, but you won’t get anywhere without the ability to close those crucial deals.

Some people are born with an innate talent for sales whereas others learn as they go along.
There are also many methods one can use to achieve sales success but seven stand out as the absolute best sales techniques you can use to achieve success. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to become a convincing and accomplished sales person.

Ready? Then let’s begin.

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    Maintain positivity.

    You’ll never get anywhere in sales if you have a negative attitude. Sales is all about confidence and projecting an aura of convincing competence. You achieve this by knowing your product inside and out, and by maintaining a positive attitude.

    It doesn’t matter how bad the weather was this morning, or how little you slept last night, if you project a negative attitude your business will suffer.

    There are many techniques you can utilize to maintain a positive attitude. For example you can constantly visualize your success in your mind or take time to speak positively to yourself like saying ‘I can do it, I believe in myself,’ before every meeting. Little steps like these repeated over time will dramatically improve your attitude.

    Also, remember not to bad mouth your competition. Yes you might think they’re rubbish but if you talk negatively about another company your client will wonder if you talk about them the same way. Stay positive!

    Become a sales doctor.

    People usually don’t buy products based on logic but rather on intuition and instinct. That’s why becoming great in sales requires a healthy level of empathy and emotional intelligence. Your client needs to feel that you understand them and their needs.

    Before every sales meeting you must plan and practice insightful questions crafted to expose your client’s needs. Press them to reveal their problems, get them to open up to you. People like to talk about themselves and as a salesperson you need to love to listen to them.

    Take notes of what they say and the issues they face, and build your pitches around their needs not yours. Imagine yourself as a doctor listening to a patient describe their problems and that only you can provide a cure, which is your product. If you practice at this then when it comes to closing your clients will trust you to deliver, just like they would trust a doctor.

    Keep sales simple.

    When it comes to sales, simplicity is beautiful. Nobody likes nonsensical jargon or getting bogged down in dreary detail. You may well think your client thinks it’s great that you can reel off statistic after statistic on incredibly detailed points. They don’t.

    Don’t bombard your customer with information, in fact assume that your client can only handle so much data. Remember our previous tip and that most people make a decision to buy based on intuition rather than logic. If you throw too much data at a client you’ll overwhelm them and ruin the impact of your pitch.

    Streamline your sales process whenever you can to maximize your closing potential. You can do this by using statistics to accentuate your pitch rather than basing your pitch on the data. Believe us, your clients will find this all the more convincing.

    Build your network.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just sit back at your desk while customers come to you and the sales fly through your pipeline? That would be pretty great wouldn’t it? Well if you cultivate a large network of contacts then you can achieve this.

    Building up a network of contacts who have a positive impression of yourself, your company and product will provide free word of mouth advertising and drive sales towards you. You can build up a network a number of ways. For example, you can attend networking events with like minded professionals, develop a well maintained social media following, and provide long-term customer service after you close a deal.

    It should be stressed that building up a network depends on tip number one, having a positive attitude. After all, it would hardly be possible if people don’t like you. Work hard to publicize your dedication and professionalism through your network, and you will be rewarded with significantly increased sales.

    Share your love of the product.

    We’ve all met that salesperson who clearly couldn’t care less about the product they’re selling. They stick out because their negativity sucks the energy out of every meeting. This is disastrous as if the salesperson doesn’t care about their product then why should the customer

    A good salesperson must love the product they’re selling and they must be able to make their client love the product as well. Projecting enthusiasm for one’s product sounds simple but it is an incredibly effective sales method.

    Provide anecdotes about how you personally used your product, give examples about how much you enjoy working with the product, or talk about clients who’ve used the products for years.

    Wax lyrical on how awesome your favorite features are and consider how your client can best use them. Not only will you project infectious enthusiasm you will also ensure your pitch takes on a more personalized approach for your customer.

    Adaptation & adoption.

    Do you know why the Roman Empire lasted for so long? It’s got nothing to do with gladiators or roads, it’s because the Romans constantly adapted to changing circumstances and shamelessly adopted better ideas from different cultures.

    If you want to lead your own sales empire you would do well to learn the Roman method. It’s an exceedingly good idea to adapt your sales practices to meet your customer’s needs because after all, every customer is different. Do they need a product quickly? Then improve your company’s dispatching efficiency. Are they unfamiliar with software your product uses? Then throw in a free tutorial program.

    As for adoption you should constantly follow the activities of your business heroes and competitors to learn how they do business. If you discover a good idea then use it yourself! Adopting good ideas is always a great way to improve your business, it’s so simple yet it’s one of the best sales techniques out there.

    Crush your closing.

    You’ve followed all our tips and made a great impression on your customer. You’ve convinced them that they absolutely need your product, so are you done? Don’t fall flat at the final hurdle, as a salesperson you absolutely have to crush your closing.

    You’d be amazed at how many potentially great deals have failed at the last stage because the salesperson failed at closing so never assume that closing means your work is done. You must perfect your closing, so make sure you research the best methods of doing so.

    There are plenty to choose from. Now or never closes inject urgency by offering a large one time discount, or you can use a take away close by offering a markdown in exchange for withdrawing a product feature.

    The most important thing in closing however is to stay confident, and just like we mentioned in tip number one, maintain a positive attitude.