Sales Enablement Platforms Overview and Must-Have Features

Find the way to close the loop between marketing, sales, and customers

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A sales enablement platform can take your sales performance to the next level. It helps streamline your workflow, inform your sales enablement strategy, and guide your sales reps on the right next steps they should follow to close more deals.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of a sales enablement platform, from its definition, and features to the best solutions out there. After that, you’ll find it easier to choose the right platform for your business.

What is Sales Enablement Technology?

Sales enablement technology is a system that helps equip your sales team with the right insights, actions, and resources to boost their productivity. When you use the right sales enablement technology, you’ll see a significant increase in your sales performance.

What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

A sales enablement platform is a collection of tools that bring sales enablement technologies and people together to increase sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Sales Enablement Platform Must-Have Features

Here are key sales enablement platform features you should keep in mind when looking for a system that fits your needs:

  • Sales content management: The right platform should centralize your content into a single place, making it easy for your sales team to access data and update it any time, anywhere. It should also allow your reps to search for relevant, engaging content tailored to the current opportunity so that they can move a deal forward quickly.
  • CRM integrations: CRM integrations allow your reps to organize and simplify the sales process and always stay on top of the most potential prospects.
  • Data analytics: Your sales enablement platform should offer extensive analytics about sales revenue, pipeline performance, customer engagement, sales rep’s productivity. When you have the right insights, you can make better business decisions.

Top Sales Enablement Platforms

1. Freshworks

Freshworks offers a complete set of tools and features to help enhance customer experience and employee engagement. Some of their well-known products include Freshdesk, Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite, and Freshdesk Contact Center.


  • Support powerful tools for customer relationship management
  • Have a reputation for ticket management and customer support solutions


  • The interface is complicated for those who aren’t tech-savvy
  • Not suitable for startups and small businesses
  • Features are limited in free plans

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is a document management platform that allows you to prepare, sign, and manage contracts as well as agreements online.


  • Quick and easy to upload and sign documents online
  • Support a variety of file formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Multiple languages are available


  • Lack sales-specific features like creating and sending proposals, quotes, and contracts
  • DocuSign’s pay-per-envelope pricing mode might not be great for growing businesses

3. Copper

Copper is a CRM platform optimized for Google Workspace, making it a perfect choice for businesses that rely heavily on Google Workspace, Gmail, and Google Calendar.


  • Easy to work with thanks to the simplicity of the user interface
  • Highly compatible with Google Workspace
  • Highly compatible with Google Workspace


  • The entry-level plan doesn’t support essential CRM features like workflow automation, integrations, custom fields, and reporting.
  • A bit more expensive than other CRM tools in the market

4. Clari

Clari is an revenue operations platform focusing on helping companies align sales, marketing, and finance to achieve common business goals.


  • Seamless forecasting allows creating accurate sales forecasts based on historical data.
  • Data-driven projects are helpful to evaluate business outcomes
  • Easy to analyze sales and marketing engagement across all revenue streams


  • Not an ideal solution for capturing data, scoring opportunities, and tracking sales activities

5. Revenue Grid

Revenue grid is a sales enablement platform specifically created for salespeople. It supports a wide range of sales- and revenue-focused tools and works natively with Salesforce. Revenue Grid is best for sales teams working with complex sales cycles.


  • Easy and effective to manage pipeline and keep track of deals
  • Superior data capturing engine
  • Enterprise-grade support with a complete onboarding
  • Provide full pipeline visibility and sales process control with guided selling


  • Requires time and effort to set up the system

Revenue Grid Sales Enablement Platform Capabilities

Take a look at the sales enablement platform features Revenue Grid offers, and you’ll be convinced why it’s ranked in the top 10 best revenue operations software on G2.

  • All-in-one sales enablement solution: Revenue Grid offers powerful features like CRM and email integration, sales sequences, sales forecasting, guided selling, pipeline visibility, and team analytics. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide you with real-time, valuable insights into customer interactions, opportunities, risks, sales activities, and more. Such data can make your sales reps’ lives much easier and ultimately enhance their sales productivity.
  • A must-have system for almost your entire business: Revenue Grid is beneficial for managerial level employees, sales reps, post-sales customer support agents, and marketers. It’s also useful for researchers who need to conduct surveys and collect structured feedback for analysis.
  • Diverse integrations: Revenue Grid supports direct integration with 20 of today’s best CRM and support platforms. These integrations allow customer information, interactions, and files to flow seamlessly from one team to another. This helps your sales reps save time collecting data from many channels and focus more on building relationships with prospects.

Ready to transform your sales with the best sales enablement software? Reach out to our expert team to receive a free Revenue Grid demo and see how it can become a game-changer for your sales team.

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