Email signature templates

A great email signature is essential as a salesperson so that leads and prospects know who they’re speaking to. Learn to make one quickly with this post

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What is an email signature?

An email signature is an indispensable element of an email that allows you to logically complete the letter, complements the impression about the sender of the letter and sets the tone for communication, helps to share contact information, promote the personal brand and company brand, attract subscribers, and increase brand awareness.

What should you include in your email signature?

  • Your first name, Job title, and name of your company: this information makes it clear to the recipient who sent the email.
  • Contacts: add your business company’s website address, phone number, and additional email (if necessary).
  • Social Links: it is always better to add a link to your professional social network account like the one you have on LinkedIn.
  • Logo (as an option): it will help you identify your brand and increase its awareness.
  • Photo (as an option) for a more complete impression of the sender.
  • Responsive design: if the recipient uses a mobile device, the responsive signature design will display perfectly on his device screen.

If you want to create a more informal email signature, you can use different colors, add an avatar, clickable checkboxes for the recipient to send feedback on their mood or impression of the letter, hyperlinked button to your bestseller product, promote your startup idea or latest company event, or even mention an important award you’ve recently gotten.

Email signature templates

First Name, Last Name, Job title at Company name

P: 222-555-999 E: first [email protected]

# St, City, Postal code, Country


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