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A Comprehensive Guide to B2B Sales Tools

Get your personal guide to sales automation and the best
B2B sales tools for enterprises

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The complex landscape of B2B sales

  • 77%

    of B2B buyers agree their latest
    purchase was very complex

  • 82%

    of B2B buyers want the same
    experience as with personal purchases

  • 75%

    of B2B sales involve a large
    interdepartmental team

example-B2B-sales-in-2020 1

A toolmap for
enterprises looking
to sell better in 2020

  • Key selling trends an enterprise shouldn’t ignore in 2020
  • The sets of tools for each step of the sales process
  • The best tool in each category to facilitate the choice
  • One integration tool that helps manage all others
An industry expert’s opinion

It’s the perfect time to determine where your current friction points are in the rev-gen process. What’s keeping you from closing more deals? Determine which areas to focus on and then prioritize from there. Then, see if any of your current tools can help with those challenges. If not, consider new tools that will get the job done.

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