Overview tab

This tab is mainly for building/editing a series of outreaches called Steps in Revenue Engage (RE), as well as for activating your Sequence.

Activate Sequence toggle

Add a new Step to your sequence. Click here for more information

Global setting for the whole sequence: Stop a sequence (this cannot be undone); Clone a sequence; Archive a sequence; Test a sequence (will ask you to choose one recipient and will send all steps of this sequence addressed to that recipient to your email); and delete a Sequence

Stat of your sequence: Replied percentage; Total number of steps; Total number of days within which these steps are planned to get done from the first step to the last one; Percentage of steps which are automated and will be sent out without your intervention

The main area with listed Steps. You may see that every type of a step has own icon, following with label describing its type (e.g. Automatic new email thread), and on what day this step is planned (counting from the first Step which is always day 1). Then you have percentage of how many recipients replied per each step. Also in this area you see how many Recipients are on that particular step. Keep in mind that Steps in this area are drag-and-droppable for you to reorder them easily if required

Ellipse menu on the right-hand side of the area has allow you to: Clone a step; Edit it, which opens editor, and delete a step