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This Knowledge Base is the source of comprehensive information on every aspect of Revenue Engage usage. For get technical support on the product or report an issue, please send an email to support team.


What is Revenue Engage

Revenue Engage, one of three products of Revenue Grid, is a cloud based Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) that automates your business communication. It allows you to design and carry out sales, marketing, and research email sequencing campaigns in conjunction with data from your Salesforce account.

After Revenue Engage is set up, it runs 24/7 on the server side regardless of whether a user interface is opened or not. It retrieves relevant data (addresses and other details for merge fields) from Salesforce and automatically dispatches emails scheduled to be sent according to chosen schedule for your campaign.

The SEP platform we offer integrates the following components in a convenient all-in-one shell that runs in your browser:

  • sales/marketing mass email communication;
  • user-driven automatic recording of inbound and outbound business communication in Salesforce. The platform is fully integrated with Revenue Inbox (included in Revenue Engage package), which ensures instantaneous Salesforce CRM interactions via a sidebar;
  • easy to grasp campaign steps, schedules, email templates/signatures, and task management;
  • automated Drip campaigns building and visualized campaign analytics;
  • a tool for tracking email opens and link clicks by the prospects;


Who benefits from using Revenue Engage

  • Sales professionals who use automated mass emailing as a leads nurturing and sales channel;
  • Marketing specialists who send out personalized ads, offers, or periodic digests to specific target groups by email;
  • Post-sales customer communication and support specialists sending out product/service updates, surveys, etc.;
  • Marketing and other researchers who spread branched step-by-step surveys and collect structured feedback for analysis;
  • Managers who require automatically collected reports and analytics on the outcomes of the campaigns carried out by their teams, in order to increase campaign focusing and tasks distribution effectiveness;

*Revenue Engage is not a replacement for a full-blown marketing automation platform, it is applicable for specific targeted automated emailing campaign scenarios


Revenue Engage system requirements

Revenue Engage is a cross-platform solution: the users can run it opened in a web browser on stationary devices and tablets

The essential requirements are:

  • Internet connection
  • MS Exchange/Office 365/Gmail email account and Salesforce account
  • in addition, the platform requires Revenue Inbox Add-In and Sync components (included in Revenue Engage package) to be installed for the users’ email accounts

Revenue Engage works with an existing MS Exchange/Office 365/Gmail mail accounts and a Salesforce account; one email account is connected with only one Salesforce account and vice versa. However, the platform ensures seamless collaboration among multiple Revenue Engage users within one Salesforce org.

The platform requires no installation on your device: all required Revenue Engage setup actions are performed via supported web browser.

The product is guaranteed to run smoothly in the latest versions of Google Chrome (on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android tablets), MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Compatibility with other browsers requires specific checking. Revenue Engage’s basic requirement for a web browser is support of certain web UI controls, which most modern-day browsers include.

Presently, Revenue Engage’s usability is not ensured for mobile devices.


Mailbox requirements

Revenue Engage can work only with mailboxes on Gmail, MS Exchange/Office 365 (with Exchange online) servers. Compatible MS Exchange versions: 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.


Revenue Engage & Revenue Inbox Connect interaction

Revenue Grid’s Salesforce integration tool is an integral component of the Revenue Engage, thus it is included in the package for every Revenue Engage user. A common Org-wide use case for the two products is as follows:

  • set up Revenue Inbox standalone licenses for all company employees who deal with customers or other business contacts by email, e.g. Support department, Customer Success and Retention Managers, Partner Relationship Managers, and so on.
  • set up Revenue Engage licenses for all company employees who conduct multiple outbound outreaches with prospects or other business contacts, e.g. Sales department, Marketing department, Lead Development Representatives, and so on.