How to Start Working with Revenue Engage

To start working with the platform, you need to:

Important: For some customers this preparatory step is performed by Support team.

1. Set up Revenue Inbox Add-In and Synchronization (included in Revenue Engage package) and log in into Revenue Inbox Add-In. Follow this guide step by step to do that.


2. Open the Revenue Engage access link provided by, e.g., in a supported web browser. Alternatively, you may open the platform via Revenue Inbox Sidebar in your MS Outlook/


3. Click Sign in with Salesforce


4. Get authenticated in Revenue Engage by logging in with your Salesforce account via Salesforce OAuth window that appears


Engagement Planner page will be opened shortly. Proceed to this article to learn how to use the platform.


How to Open Revenue Engage via 365 or MS Outlook Desktop

You may also open Revenue Engage via Revenue Inbox Sidebar right from your 365 mailbox or MS Outlook Desktop. To do that:

In 365

1. Open Revenue Inbox Sidebar; see this article to learn how to do that.


2. Open Revenue Inbox menu (hamburger icon ), select Open RevenueGrid


In MS Outlook Desktop

1. Open Revenue Inbox Sidebar


2. Open Revenue Inbox menu (hamburger icon ), select Open Revenue Grid