Guided Selling

Align your sales, customer success, and support teams around your selling approach and help them
take needed actions to move deals forward

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Revenue Signals

Give the power to every rep on your team to increase
their closed won ratio.

Following Revenue Signals, they will take a needed
action, sell in a consistent way, and avoid missteps.

revenue signals: guided selling

sales team activities - guided selling

Coaching and leadership

Lead your organization to revenue knowing exactly
what needs to be done and what works.

Show the path with playbooks, Revenue Signals and a
unified sales approach that would empower all your reps
to sell like the best reps


Ensure complete continuity throughout your
pipeline, opps, teams and customers, like:

  • Next steps scheduled for every deal in the pipeline
  • Stage of opps matching the close dates
  • The amount of time and effort invested in an opp

guided selling


Salesforce native

Access Revenue Guide, including Revenue Signals in your
native Salesforce app. Work with complete Salesforce data
directly in Revenue Guide