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Revenue Inbox 2005 (Summer 2020) + Hotfix 1 Release notes: notable improvements and fixes


Improvements and new features


User interface/user experience improvements and Rebranding

1. Due to development of a new products line and marketing focus expansion

Product users are not affected by the rebranding in any way, it’s the same use conditions, the same set of functions, plus an updated interface and extra features.


2. Revenue Inbox Sidebar user interface got tweaked, the following controls were slightly moved or changed for increased usability

  • The key controls layout in the header was updated as follows. This results in a better compatibility with mobile devices


  • Navigation was improved by adding Sidebar screen/card names and moving the navigation controls to the top of the Sidebar  
  • Similarly, the Cancel and Save/Create buttons and the Show only important fields checkbox previously put at the bottom of various dialogs have been relocated to the Sidebar’s header


  • The Menu icon was moved to the left-hand side of the header and the Menu is now implemented as a dedicated screen instead of a dialog, so it’s easy to use on mobile devices


3. Released an advanced Salesforce managed package that ensures maximum Revenue Inbox integration with Salesforce. The package also includes essential visual components elements (Salesforce Canvas panes), for the best use experience it should be installed for all RI users in an Org by the local Salesforce Admin, along with the older Invisible Suite package. More information here.


4. Implemented several new convenient RI customization settings: Notify when email is opened, Hide Chatter, Do not allow attaching .EML files to objects, Do not allow to work with email templates, Do not allow to search objects in LinkedIn, Support Case Assignment Rules, Support Lead Assignment Rules, Edit email body in Save dialog. See this article for more information.


5. Revenue Inbox Classic view has been discontinued as obsolete for all end users. See this article to learn how to use RI Adaptive view.


6. (Desktop MSI implementation only) A drag and drop signature-to-contact processing mechanism was implemented; it allows to quickly populate a new Contact’s fields by selecting the signature of an email and then dropping it into Revenue Inbox Sidebar. What fields can be extracted based on a signature: First/Last name
Phones (if multiple - assign according to Contact’s phone fields)


7. User-initiated records search via RI Sidebar got improved: now when viewing search results the users also see secondary record fields besides the Name field; this helps to identify different records with identical names.


8. [Revenue Engage integration] Implemented a setting RevenueGridConfiguration that allows to enable or disable Revenue Engage access controls in Revenue Inbox Sidebar.


9. Implemented an optional “Edit email on saving” feature available for big Enterprise RI customers which is managed via Customization settings. The feature allows editing saved emails’ bodies (Description) in the Saved dialog, for example to remove sensitive information. Limitations: 1. only emails saved in Read mode, 2. does not support HTML formatting, 3. unavailable for Enhanced Emails, i.e. only Task descriptions can be edited. In addition, Email bodies exceeding the field’s limit (32k characters by default) get auto-truncated.


10. Implemented an optional possibility to track and save emails from/to a secondary email address used by a contact, based on a corresponding custom secondary email field added in Salesforce.


11. The automatic email notification “Action required - Sync suspended” was improved to make it more informative for the recipients. Now it includes specific required action steps and illustrations.


12. Save email/Save event flow improvement based on a customer’s request: now previously selected or already linked related objects are also pre-selected when an item gets saved with another record retrieved via RI Sidebar search.


13. A minor improvement of the Save Email/Save Event dialog, now clicking on a related record’s header in the dialog toggles the checkbox which manages record linking.


14. Another Save email/Save event dialog’s usability improvement, now the Linked Records selector uses the convenient clear/select checkboxes logic instead of the “Remove” button.


15. Another Save email/Save event dialog user friendliness improvement: updated the labels related to records linking selector to make them more informative.


16. Updated the labels in Revenue Inbox Synchronization settings, improving their informativity.


17. Implemented the possibility to differentiate between emails saved by the users via the Save button (Read and Compose modes) and emails auto-saved by RI Sync engine, using a custom Salesforce field AddInEmail.


18. The Save email/Save event button was disabled in Revenue Inbox Sidebar for all Delegated calendar access scenarios in the Web (Cloud) RI implementation; this function is only available in the Desktop (MSI) implementation.


19. All references to SpringCM document management system in Revenue Inbox and its documentation have been changed to DocuSign, due to SpringCM rebranding.


20. Ensured automatic force-stopping of sync sessions if they were stuck for a certain number of days, by implementing a corresponding mechanism.


Chrome Extension for Gmail improvements


1. Based on some Enterprise customers’ feedback, implemented an optional possibility to manage what set of permissions Revenue Inbox Chrome Extension requests from the end users. Specifically, GoogleDrive, Calendar, Contacts, and other data access permissions can be adjusted to meet a customer’s security requirements.


2. Gmail Calendar events handling improvement: implemented the possibility to set default Gmail events’ reminders over Revenue Inbox Sync.


3. Gmail calendar handling improvement: based on the customers’ feedback, we implemented the possibility to assign different colors for colorcoding Events to be synced by Revenue Inbox. Also note that the color-marking way to sync Gmail calendar event is now disabled by default and it can be enabled by request for big Enterprise RI customers.



Engagement tracking panel improvements


1. Added displaying of minutes in Engagement tracking details to allow the users to know specific time when the email was opened by a recipient. Also changed the label and the font of notifications counter.


2. Engagement tracking panel improvement: now it is possible to reset the new engagement notifications counter by Ctrl pressing + double-clicking the Engagement tracking icon in the Sidebar’s bottom toolbar.


3. Another Engagement panel improvement: implemented an optional possibility to auto-pin (mark as important) in Engagement panel all external (not in-org) emails with auto-inserted tracking code. The new Customization setting used to manage that is “Notify when email is opened”.



Notable fixes


1. Fixed an issue that occurred in configurations which use Person Accounts, resulting in a Sync issue “Can not select a person account”.


2. Fixed an issue with processing of user-defined “Email domains blacklisted from syncing” values involving aliases (with [+] in the address). Now they are handled as designed.


3. Fixed an issue where an incorrect set of objects was linked to a saved email or event after extra objects to link were added using search in the Saved email/Save event dialog. Now only specifically selected objects from search are linked.


4. Fixed an issue that prevented RI Sidebar logon with Salesforce creds for some of end users (the “SimpleWebClient concurrent use” exception).


5. Fixed an issue where some labels and messages in various Revenue Inbox components remained in English after switching to another localization. Now they are translated.


6. Fixed an issue where the bottom item in the related records search results list of the Save email/Save event dialog was sometimes not displayed.


7. Fixed a specific issue where the latest clicked Opportunity was displayed in the “Related to” field of the clones for emails after saving the email link to various objects.


8. Fixed an issue where Salesforce all-day events were synchronized as 5pm - 5pm events in Gmail calendar. Now they are synced as proper Gmail all-day events.

The update also included a number of other less significant bugfixes, back end and front end performance optimizations, minor UX/UI tweaks, etc.



Previous update’s release notes (2002 HF1)


Improvements and new features

1. Due to development of a new products line and marketing focus expansion

  • SmartCloud Connect gets rebranded to Revenue Inbox
  • Invisible.io gets rebranded to RevenueGrid.com

Product users are not affected by the rebranding in any way, it’s the same use conditions, the same set of functions, plus a slightly updated interface and extra features.

2. We added a related records selection mechanism implemented as checkboxes to the Save Email/Save Event dialog; it works in the same manner as the checkboxes removed from the Sidebar‘s home screen.


3. Implemented an additional Customization setting that regulates Engagement notifications displaying for emails to external (not in-org) contacts with auto-inserted tracking code; the setting is called “Notify when email is opened”. When it is enabled, notifications in SCC Sidebar’s bottom toolbar will be displayed when the tracking code is triggered by the recipients of all such emails, as if they were marked as Important in the Engagement panel by the user.

4. Improved wording in several Save Email/Save Event dialogs’ fields labels.


Knowledge Base updates


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