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What’s New: Latest Release Notes and Knowledge Base Updates


Revenue Inbox 2008 Hotfix 2 Release notes

Improvements and new features

1. RI Sign Up Wizard page was re-designed for extra usability.

2. Implemented the possibility to edit the fields of already saved Enhanced Email messages via the Sidebar: SFDC records linked to the email (Related To): both WhatID People Records and WhoID Business Records, Subject, Body, and other key ones. In this scenario, the email gets deleted and then re-created in Salesforce.

3. The text of the customization push notification was updated, to make it more clear.

The update also includes several minor bugfixes and UX/UI improvements.



1. Fixed a rare issue where an operation timeout error prevented attached files saving via the Add-In.

2. Fixed a minor UI issue where the number of related Opportunities was not indicated on Account detailed card’s Related tab.



Revenue Inbox 2008 (Summer 2020) Release notes: notable improvements and fixes


Improvements and new features

1. Implemented MS Graph secure API support for working with MS Office 365 data. Presently, this mechanism is optionally applied for several Enterprise customers. See this article for complete information.

2. Implemented an optional possibility to log in into Revenue Inbox using Office 365 OAuth 2.0 instead of Salesforce OAuth. It can be used for both end user accounts and the Admin panel. Presently, it’s available for big Enterprise customers.

3. Made the Book Me/Time Slots selection dialog more mobile-friendly; now clicking on the “Suggested time slots” link summons a “Confirm a meeting” pop-up dialog instead of opening the calendar table.

4. Ensured automatic force-stopping of sync sessions if Sync was stuck for a specified number of days, by implementing a corresponding mechanism.



Notable fixes

1. Fixed an issue where under specific circumstances emails belonging to a selected thread got auto-saved linked to the User instead of a relevant Opportunity. Now linking works as designed.

2. Fixed a specific issue where the Save dialog did not list related records if the “Save email…” button was clicked too quickly after dialog opening.

3. Fixed an issue where all-day Events downsynced from Salesfroce to Gmail calendar were converted into 5pm-5pm Events instead of 12pm - 12pm ones. Now all-day events downsyncing works as designed.

The update also includes several less significant bugfixes, back end and front end performance optimizations, minor UX/UI tweaks, etc.


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