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Using MS Graph to Access O365 Data

Office 365

MS Graph can be used instead of EWS. It has several benefits mostly applicable for high-security corporate environments: it offers the possibility of granular data access permissions control. It allows to provide focused access only to specific email server data types: Attachments, Contacts, Tasks, Emails, Calendars. The same MS Graph data access permissions are applied for both Sync app and RI Add-In app; item types with disabled access permissions will not be processable by Revenue Inbox.
Also see this article for extra information on MS Graph’s data access control management and security.
This access type can be enabled for a specific org or a specific user in an Org via RI Admin panel: open the Organizations tab > Mailbox access type > set to MS Graph

Server IP whitelisting procedure required to run MS Graph is similar to EWS but involves another set of permissions, according to allowed data types.


After user switching from another access type or after a new user is initialized: the user must re-login via O365 OAuth 2.0 in order to refresh the access token.

Another special feature of MS Graph is its full data exchange compatibility with other Microsoft 365 apps: MS Teams, MS Office package, OneNote, etc. For example, Revenue Inbox can be configured to generate MS Teams room links for its Meeting Scheduler features (Time Slots, Book me). This and other such integration scenarios can be considered for for big Enterprise Revenue Inboxcustomers.


MS Graph Limitations

As of Revenue Inbox version 2008, there are several limitations associated with using MS Graph:

a. Office 365 accounts only, cannot be used for MS Exchange or Gmail accounts
b. OAuth2.0 access authorization only
c. No syncing of MS Outlook Tasks or Contacts
d. No syncing of recurring calendar items
e. No email or event Attachments saving
f. No saving of all emails in a thread
g. No Exchange Impersonation support
h. No Smart Description support
i. Notifications on non-essential meeting updates made by the organizer get automatically sent out to all attendees
j. Localizations into other languages are presently not supported