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How to Add the Revenue Inbox Attendees Management Component to Salesforce Event Records

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After installing the Revenue Inbox package in Salesforce you will need to add the custom Attendees management component to Event Record Page layout via Lightning App Builder. To do that:

1. Open Salesforce Service Setup

2. Enter “app builder” in the Quick Find field on the left-hand side and select Lightning App Builder

3. Click the New button next to Lightning Pages   4. In the Create a New Lightning Page dialog that appears select Record Page and click Next to proceed   5. Type a Label you will use to identify the modified Event Record Page, e.g. ImprovedEvent, select Event from the Object picklist, and click Next to proceed   6. In the next dialog, clone the layout of the default Event page by selecting CLONE SALESFORCE DEFAULT PAGE and then Event Page Default, afterwards click Finish   7. On the Lightning App Builder page that opens scroll the Lightning Components pane on the left-hand side to view Custom - Managed components, Event Attendees, then drag-and-drop this component at the bottom of the Event Record Page layout; click Save in the upper right corner of the page to save the changes   8. Select Activate in the next dialog window that appears   9. In the next Activation: ImprovedEvent dialog click the Assign as Org Default button under the ORG DEFAULT tab   10. In the final Set as Org Default: ImprovedEvent dialog click Save. Now this improved Event Record Page layout will be used in your Salesforce org: