Engagement Planner

The Engagement Planner tab is the primary window for RG users’ reference, where you can monitor and manage the outcomes of the Sequences you initiated. Every communication step is logged in coherent chronological order as a node in the Sequence flow visualization.

Engagement Planner


Note that you can not use RG’s Planner tab for continuous email communication like you would use an email box: through the Planner you can only send emails to a prospect as Email steps within an established Sequence or Reply to a standalone email from a prospect.


Search through and Filter by

The Planner tab lists all prospect communication items in chronological order, like an email inbox. The tab includes three item filters:

  • General Search, to search specific items by prospect name or Subject of a message
  • Filter by: a picklist that allows to view only items belonging to specific Sequences
  • Another filter : by Type of an item (Call, Email, Other, or Replies) and Label (Owner change, Colleague’s reply)

Tabs of Engagement Planner

Your inbound RG emails are categorized between the following tabs:

  • Sequence replies - the prospects’ email replies to your sequence steps. Note that automatic replies and email delivery failure notifications will also end up in this category.
  • Notifications - here you receive standalone emails from recipients who exist on your RevenuGrid People tab. Note that late correspondence from a prospect who had been enrolled into a sequence, but that sequence was ended already, will also end up in this sub-tab.
  • To-Dos (Tasks) - items which require your actions.