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Your Direct Window to Salesforce: RevenueGrid Integration with SmartCloud Connect

[The article is work in progress]

RevenueGrid is a premium Sales Engagement Platform that includes efficient and immediate integration with Salesforce essential for carrying out successful campaigns and other activities.

This integration is implemented via RG Sidebar, which appears on the right-hand side of RevenueGrid window after you click the 🡢 icon in RG. Once it is opened, it remain displayed unless you close it by clicking the 🡠 icon.

The Sidebar consists of:

    ● the multifunctional SmartCloud Connect Sidebar (on the top), which serves as your direct window to Salesforce

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


    ● the Sequences widget (on the bottom), which is displayed only when you select a notification or a prospect’s reply on RG Planner pane, or open the People pane.

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


This widget is used to register prospects’ reactions to campaign’s steps communicated over different channels. In addition, via this widget you can:

     ○ switch a prospect from one Sequence (e.g. an “Initial contact” Sequence) to another (e.g. “Prospect nurturing” Sequence)

     ○ Opt out (unsubscribe) a prospect from a campaign upon his/her request. A prospect’s reaction logged this way will also get automatically registered in Salesforce.

In addition, the widget serves to display the actual Sequence steps status for the prospect.