Recipients tab

This tab is used to manage the list of Leads/Contacts to be reached via the Sequence

On this tab you may:

  1. Add recipients to your Sequence from Salesforce views or from among those who you have imported into RevenueGrid previously.
  2. See how many of your recipients are on what Steps. By clicking on, for e.g. “Step 1. Day 1”, the main table of Recipients will be filtered to show just those who are currently on that Step.
  3. Search through by Name or Company Name and Filter recipients by Owner or Stage.
  4. …and in the main table of Recipients, perform a number of actions described in our video tutorial and below in this article.

Columns in the main table of Recipients

  1. Lead/Contact and Company Name (sort alphabetically and clickable items)

  2. Title (sort alphabetically)

  3. Next step to be taken within the Sequence for this Lead/Contact. It could by one of these:

  • No step

  • Paused for this Person

  • Details of the next scheduled Step: step, day, type and scheduled time

  1. Action required from you in order to proceed (if any). Items are clickable in this column, and will take you to a necessary record on the Engagement Planner for you to take an action. It could by one of these:
  • No actions - Take a brake

  • Reply received email - A contact replies to one of your Steps, and a Sequence waits for you to process it on the Engagement Planner before proceeding to the next Step

  • Review email Draft - This means a contact is on a Step which requires manual review on the Engagement Planner before sending out your email

  • Make a call - A contact is on a Phone Call type of a Step. Proceed to the Engagement Planner to log a call

  • Send text - A contact is on a SMS type of a Step. Proceed to the Engagement Planner to log a text message

  • Review owner change - This comes up when a contact’s owner changes in Salesforce

  • Fix merge field issue - When you use Merge Field, but that field is blank in Salesforce. You may fix it either by removing Merge Field from your message, or by filling out required field in Salesforce

  • Digest response to a colleague - With certain settings in place, a Sequence prevents outreach to a contact, whose colleague has already replied to an email within the Sequence

  • Perform other action - This is related to Miscellaneous type of a Step

  • Review send error

  1. Stage this contact/lead is on (sort alphabetically). It could by one of these:
  • Approaching
  • Bounced
  • Clicked/Opened
  • In conversation
  • Not interested
  • Not started
  • Opted Out
  • Started
  • Unresponsive
  1. Prospect communication Stats: the number of conducted calls, sent emails, emails opened, links in the emails clicked, and replies

  2. Last contacted: the date and time of the latest email/SMS/call/misc. contact with the prospect (sort alphabetically)

Mass actions

By selecting one or more recipients in the main table of recipients, an additional button appears on the top right corner of the tab. Actions you may perform for the selected users are there:

  • Reschedule the next Step;
  • Pause a Sequence;
  • Resume a sequence for previously paused
  • Finish a Sequence by marking Personal Status as: “In conversation”, “Not interested”, “Not relevant”, “Opt out