Using RevenueGrid Merge Fields▶️


To check a merge field’s validity, you need to enter preview mode by clicking the (Preview) icon on the left-hand side of the text editing bar. In preview mode, invalid merge fields are highlighted with red color and are not replaced by the needed values.

Use the icon {{ }} (insert merge fields) on creating email Sequence Steps to auto-insert prospect-specific data into a mass email, either retrieved from Salesforce or registered in RevenueGrid (e.g. sender’s signature and data from the sender’s record, campaign unsubscribe link, and more). In email preview mode these {{Field name}} placeholders will be replaced with relevant record field values; these values will be highlighted in email previews in RG and displayed as regular text to the prospects. Yellow highlighting of merge fields indicates that relevant data was retrieved successfully, red highlighting indicates relevant data retrieval error.

For use simplicity, you may just type {{ in message body and then browse through all available merge fields in a picklist automatically brought up by RevenueGrid.

Commonly used merge fields examples: Lead/Contact Salutation, Full name and Company name, RG Sequence starter’s (Owner’s) name and RG email signature, sequence unsubscribe link, etc.


On processing an email Step, RevenueGrid checks whether all its merge fields can be filled (that is a corresponding value can be retrieved from Salesforce or RG). If a merge field cannot be filled, the automated email containing it will not be sent, instead it will be moved to RG Planner‘s Tasks (To-Dos) folder.