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RevenueGrid People Pane

[The article is work in progress]

RevenueGrid’s People pane lists Leads and Contacts imported from your Salesforce Org; you may also apply specific filters to work with Contacts/Leads records added by your co-workers who also use RevenueGrid.

On the People pane you can monitor the following information about the Leads/Contacts you are working on:

  • Lead/Contact Name
  • The name of the Sequence the Lead/Contact is currently engaged in
  • Name of the Next step to be taken within the Sequence for this Lead/Contact
  • The Sequence’s stage
  • Prospect communication Stats: the number of conducted calls, sent emails, and the number of the prospect’s replies
  • Last contacted: the date and time of the latest email/SMS/call/misc. contact with the prospect
  • Owner: the name of the user in your Salesforce Org who added the Lead/Contact to RG


To quickly find a specific prospect in RG, make use of the Search in total and Filter by boxes at the top of the People pane.

Search in total: enter a part of a prospect’s name to quickly locate his/her record among prospects imported into RG by you or other RG users from your Org

Filter by: select a prospect category (by Prospect status or Owner’s name) to focus on relevant prospects


From the People pane you can open the Sequences widget, in which you can quickly register prospects’ reactions to a Sequence step, switch them to another Sequence or Opt out (unsubscribe) them from the campaign, based on the essence of their responses.