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Two Layers of Not-for-syncing Blacklists

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Among other features, Revenue Inbox offers automated sharing of Exchange/Office 365 Emails, Meetings/Appointments, and Contacts in Salesforce. To prevent sharing of items not intended to be shared in Salesforce, RI includes two layers of blacklisting based on email address or email domains:

  • Org-wide blacklisting (managed via Admin panel). This blacklist is used to exclude spam, newsletters, and other unwanted emails from being shared in Salesforce by the users; internal (in-org) domains and addresses are also appended to it.
  • User-defined blacklisting (managed via individual Sync settings). This blacklist is used to exclude personal communication and meetings/appointments as well as personal newsletters from being shared in Salesforce.

By default, these blacklists are combined for every individual user and users can remove addresses/domains set on the Admin level from the congregated blacklist.


Per customer’s request (option available for Enterprise users only), this behavior can be adjusted so that addresses/domains set by the Admin will be impossible to remove from the blacklist via the users’ individual Synchronization setting.