How to Resolve the Issue Where a Placeholder Icon is Displayed Instead of RI icons

This issue concerns the Desktop implementation of Revenue Inbox for Salesforce in MS Outlook for Windows. It manifests as RI icons in MS Outlook ribbon being replaced by a placeholder icon:

The cause of the issue is your proxy auto-configuration script’s error or custom proxy settings used on your system.

It occurs when WPAD (Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol) is configured but cannot be resolved by the Add-In.

Steps to resolve the issue:

1. Retrieve RI log files following this instruction

2. Check if the General log contains the following repetitive error

[ERROR] [connector_site]: [11:08:41.292001],<T6064>,{first chance exception}: class http::basic_error: Unable to find appropriate proxy for******&ExplicitDomainName=&ProductVersion= The proxy auto-configuration script could not be downloaded

3. Check with the local IT Admin if there are custom proxy settings used on your system

4. Open Windows Settings > select Internet Options > “Connections” tab > LAN Settings

5. Make sure that that both boxes are cleared under “Automatic configuration”

6. Restart MS Outlook and see if the icons are displayed properly now

If that does not help, send the Add-In’s logs to our Support team for further investigation.