Smart data auto-capture between Siebel CRM and Outlook/Gmail

Auto-capture all Sales activities and data between
Outlook/Gmail and Siebel CRM

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Two-way synchronization between Siebel CRM and Email & Calendar

Match data between your Siebel CRM and Outlook/Gmail Calendars through real-time bi-directional sync. Revenue Grid provides an instantaneous, semi-automatic, or fully customizable data capture, so you can keep your entire team on top of all business updates, with no routine work

  • Bi-directional
  • Rule-based
  • Case-sensitive
  • Automatic
  • Stable
  • Instant


Email Sidebar with complete Siebel CRM data

Update Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Service Requests, Call Reports, and any other Siebel records, without a shred of distraction from your workflow. Revenue Grid fully customizes the layout to match your CRM processes within Outlook

  • Manage Siebel objects from your Outlook / Office 365
  • Reveal contextual insights next to each conversation in Inbox
  • Convert leads into opportunities, with no distractions
  • Access all Siebel features next to your emails
  • Adapt Revenue Grid to the way your work
  • Manage your CRM from Revenue Grid mobile app

Match emails to corresponding Siebel CRM records

Communicate more effectively with the accounts you’re engaging by bringing all of your Siebel CRM into Outlook / Office 365. Write highly personalized messages, leveraging the context of your leads and contacts, all from your Inbox

  • Match your Siebel objects with emails and auto-save data to them
  • Auto-create new Siebel CRM custom objects
  • Auto-save all your past emails in a bulk
  • Track email opens in the activity timeline
  • Auto-save any activity to more than one CRM record
  • Use Seibel email templates



Schedule meetings by email easier with Siebel CRM calendar sync

Enjoy a single, unified view of your Siebel and Outlook calendars, explore meeting attendees, all directly from Inbox. With Revenue Grid enterprise-class scheduling, you can match everyone’s calendars in seconds by selecting your periods of availability, leveraging a personal meeting booking page, and more.

  • Delegate access to your Calendars in one click
  • Syncronize your Siebel CRM & Outlook recurring events
  • Schedule any meeting in seconds with Time Slots
  • Unify group calendars across your organization

Get all Outlook / Office 365
attachments in your Inbox

Match your custom document-driven workflows with your contacts, accounts, opportunities, and any other Siebel records, directly within Outlook / Office 365

  • Add files to Siebel records
  • Sync all saved files linked to emails with your CRM
  • Maintain visibility and control of your document processes
  • Simplify your daily business workflows
  • Set reminders on each further document-linked activity needed
  • Have all the latest versions of your files within a 1-click reach