RevOps Leaders’ Views on Top B2B
Sales Execution Challenges

In partnership with Pavilion, we asked RevOps professionals to explain their approach to data-driven
sales strategy, the top sales execution challenges they face, and the ways they overcome those challenges.

Watch the webinar

  • Michael Canty
    Head of RevOps

  • Anton Antich

  • Carter Perez
    Revenue Grid

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

assessmentHow to have a data-driven mindset

How do RevOps leaders approach a data-driven sales execution?

trending_upWays to handle inefficiencies

Can AI help RevOps leaders with inefficiencies? In what ways?

warning_amberTop challenges in B2B sales

What challenges do RevOps leaders face with sales strategy execution?

descriptionThe future of sales

What does the future hold for RevOps and how can we get ready for it?

Learn from RevOps leaders’ experience

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