3 Ways to Sales Success
with Playbooks in 2020

Dive in on the critical changes in the sales ecosystem, learn how playbooks can help you
solve them, and grow your sales more confidently this year

Watch the Recording

Vlad Voskresensky,

CEO, RevenueGrid

You will learn:

  • The #1 way to grow your B2B buyers’ confidence in making a purchasing decision
  • Trends that will have the biggest influence on the sales ecosystem in 2020
  • How to reach out to clients at the right time, with the right info, through the right channel
  • How to build a crystal-clear custom template for long-term account growth
  • How to quickly start creating an effective playbook for your team

Learn how to start using
playbooks the right way, and close more deals this year

Duration – 30 min

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