Expanding Sales Tech Stacks: More
Chaos or More Structure?​

Sales Ops strive to make the sales process (and their sales team’s lives) less chaotic, and this often requires adding new
tech to the stack to solve a specific challenge. But is it the most effective way to structure the chaos? Watch this webinar
to hear from experts what expanding your sales tech stacks means for your sales process and team.

Watch the webinar

  • Slava Bilan
    Revenue Grid

  • Shawn Murphy
    Revenue Grid

  • Shruti Kapoor

Watch the webinar to find out:

Why the sales process is chaotic

  • Why reps struggle to stay organized
  • What processes cause chaos in the sales process
  • How the chaos affects quota attainment

How to help your team find focus

  • Practical steps to structure the chaos
  • Why you need an automation strategy
  • How to choose the right tech for your reps’ needs

The right way to expand your stack

  • Benefits of expanding your stack with a strategy
  • Questions to shape your strategy
  • Steps to take before expanding your tech stack
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    Duration – 1 hour

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