How Not to Lose Your
Job as a Revenue Leader in 18 Months

The latest research shows that the average tenure of revenue leaders was less than 18 months in 2020. During the same period, 54% of companies failed to meet their quota. Is there a connection? Watch this episode featuring Revenue Grid’s CRO Carter Perez at Dreamforce 21 and learn how to beat the decline in sales leaders’ tenure.

Watch the Episode

Carter Perez

Chief Revenue Officer,
Revenue Grid

What’s causing the Revenue Leader crisis?

Quota struggles

While 90% of sales leaders worked harder and with more motivation in 2021, 67% of them worried about lagging sales performance. That was natural since 54% of them failed to meet quota in 2020.

Inaccurate forecasting

Despite troubles with meeting quota, 24% of companies reported relying on gut feeling when making decisions​. So it’s no surprise that 30% of companies named inaccurate forecasting as their top reason for not meeting quota.​

Learn what steps to take to avoid the tenure trap

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