How Unicorn Nest reached out to 5,000 organizations in 10 days with Revenue Grid

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We needed to quickly email thousands of C-levels in a way that seemed like personally written messaging. No one else could do it.

Denis Dovgopoliy, CEO and Founder

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Unicorn Nest’s goal was to create a landmark study from scratch in record time.

  • At the starting line

    They were starting out with a few rarely-used domains and an email list of 25,000 leads across more than 5,000 funds. The plan was to collect at least 50 completed surveys in two weeks.

  • Avoiding spam

    Starting with a high messaging rate from cold domains is a surefire way to end up in spam. Unicorn Nest needed full control of the email throttle for all users.

  • Natural messaging

    The messaging had to seem personal and natural to convince people to share their time and knowledge. The top priorities were to avoid sending a torrent of emails to everyone in an organization on the same day and to stop messaging someone when they completed a survey.

Other providers either told us it was impossible or quoted an outlandish price.

With bulk email tools like Mailchimp, you can’t reply in the same email thread which is a dead giveaway for automation.


One Unicorn Nest salesperson was able to easily manage the email campaign for all of the users on the team.

  • Avoiding spam

    Since emails are sent directly from personal Office365 and Gmail accounts, they are less likely to land in spam. And by using Revenue Grid’s engagement rules, Unicorn Nest was able to gradually increase the amount of messaging from each team member, avoiding spam designations.

  • Natural messaging

    Unicorn Nest started out by writing several different email sequences so that people in the same organization wouldn’t get the same messages.

    Then they set up the messages to be sent out by team members at regular intervals. An engagement rule prevented any organization from receiving more than one message per day.

  • Following up

    Recipients had the option to either fill out a Typeform survey or simply respond to the email.

    Messaging stopped automatically when Revenue Grid detected a real email response or got a signal from Salesforce that a survey had been completed.

    When recipients replied, the Unicorn Nest team kept the conversation going naturally in the same email thread just as if they’d been personally messaging recipients from the start.


Revenue Grid kept all Unicorn Nest’s campaign data and controls in one place. They could easily manage email sequences from a single source and had the added benefit of Salesforce List Views and merge field personalization.

Unicorn Nest loved the results they got with Revenue Grid. They were able to obtain time-sensitive information quickly from a huge amount of contacts without being designated as spammers. In fact, the messages had a 98% deliverability rate!

Unicorn Nest compiled the information into a valuable report within their tight time frame. They released the report to investors hungry for direction in the middle of a crisis. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to the Revenue Grid team, our survey was even more successful than we expected, and we were able to get hard data to our network of investors extremely quickly.

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