Still paying for SalesLoft? We think Sales Engagement should be free, like messaging

Go easy on your wallet with Revenue Grid, a sales engagement platform
with powerful outreach features

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    Why did we make Revenue Grid software FREE?

    Just like email, social networks, and messengers, we feel that prospecting is something that becomes a modern commodity. That’s why people should not pay for the functionality that allows them to engage with other people

    What can Revenue Grid do?

    Multi-channel and multi-step sequences

    Send automatic sales campaigns and connect with your prospects with personalized emails, SMS, social media messages, and calls

    • Add emails, social messages, sms, and calls to your sequences
    • Create one step or multiple step email sequences
    • Fully automate your sequences or add manual steps if required
    • Import contacts directly to your sequence from CSV file or Salesforce


    Smart scheduling and automation

    Automate your sequences so that every email gets delivered at the right moment and every sequence stops when it needs to

    • Set stop dates and conditions to auto-stop or reschedule steps
    • Preview and send test email sequences
    • Immediately know when one or multiple recepients reply
    • Have your campaign stop automatically as soon as a prospect replies

    Real-time email tracking

    Know in real time when your prospect opens an email or engages with your content

    • Track emails delivery, opens, and replies
    • Understand what links were clicked and what content works better
    • Get real-time notifications on all engagements in the pipeline
    • Sort sequences by reply rates to quickly find the best performing campaigns

    Advanced analytics and reporting

    Analyze sales campaigns and know what works best and what to improve

    • See how your prospects engage with links and attachments
    • Get detailed reports on open, reply, success rates, and more
    • Analyze performance KPIs per sequence and per step
    • Send smarter sequences using engagement insights

    Personalization at scale

    Bring personal touch to your email sequences and build stronger relationships

    • Insert any attachment or in-line image into emails
    • Add your personal signature: play with colors and fonts or add images
    • Create and use your own or Salesforce templates
    • Insert any Salesforce data into emails, like company or project name and more


    Nurturing beyond basics

    Engage and nurture not just leads, but whole accounts

    • Use smart rules to nurture multiple contacts from the same company
    • Perform mass actions on sequences: remove, add, group, delete
    • Set special automation rules to manage sequences sent to accounts
    • Streamline your work with easy-to-use Engagement Planner

    On top of engagement,
    Revenue Grid has more to offer

    Best-rated support

    Enjoy 24/7 customer support and get immediate responses to any request. Our support team is ready to handle any issue or question

    Salesforce-native integration

    Execute your email campaigns directly from Salesforce from personal email address and link engagement statuses to Salesforce attributes

    Fast and seamless transition

    Transition to Revenue Grid without additional costs and receive guidance on each step of migration process

    No-brainer onboarding

    Onboard new reps easily so that they can start outreaching immediately

    Superior user experience

    Enjoy intuitive and highly-customizable interface
    from day one