Sales Management Dashboards

Strike that sweet spot between tracking too few metrics and trying to track them all

Welcome new Revenue Inbox functionality

  • Team Analytics
  • Deal Insights
  • 100% customizable Salesforce Dashboards



Team Activity Reports

No more wondering about who is the most
pro-active sales rep
  • Inboud and Outbound Emails
  • Tasks
  • Calendar events
  • Custom filters
  • Inbound emails per team member

Engagement Reports

Instantly view how well your team is engaging with
important deals
  • Opportunities that need a reply
  • Recently active opportunities inbound / outbound
  • Per every rep



Stalled opportunities

Make sure to never drop the ball and act fast on
deals that matter most:
  • Opportunities with no planned activities
  • Old opportunities with no recent activities
  • Opportunities soon to be closed with no recent activities
  • Customized time ranges and activity types